Muso Placing

I did see a post on suggesting what to place your Muso on, but I’ll be damned if I can find it!

Anyway, back when I had ‘proper Hifi ‘ I was a believer in what supports your CD player, amp etc makes a difference, in fact I did experiment with different things underneath the Muso, convincing myself about the improvement, but then having removed whatever it was, I couldn’t really hear a difference!

However, having a bit of a swap around in the sitting room as to where the TV was positioned, with the Muso sitting below it as I now no longer have an AV set up, they both sat on a cheap Ikea TV table, having removed the TV from the wall, Tele on top, Muso on the shelf underneath.

It was like I’d stuffed my ears with cotton wool!
Who would think that a slight alteration in where the Muso sits would make such a difference!

Phase 2, I had already decided that I wanted one of those TV stands that has a device that allows the TV to swivel, so got one and moved out the Ikea table, TV on its pole for want of a better word, and the Muso on the glass shelf below.

The difference was amazing, no ‘ringing’of the glass shelf as many people say can happen, but just a hi fidelity sound once more, no woolly bass, and beautiful treble as smooth as a baby’s bum!

My faith in the Muso is restored!

Craig, glad you managed to get the Mu-So positioned well - it makes a huge difference, but then it is a loudspeaker after all. As I wrote in a previous thread on the old forum, it’s definitely worth switching off loudness, and then playing with the bass shelf (wall distance) setting and experimenting with incremental movement away or towards the rear wall. I have found that in some rooms even just a cm or two closer or further from the rear wall can make a huge difference to the sound for better or worse.


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