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my muso’s qb 1 firmware is 1.8.0. have two devices and both always have the problem in the fritzbox / meshrepeater network that they have wifi and also play radio, but that they cannot be reached via the app and you don’t see the device in the app. do others also have such difficulties? router, repeater, muso … shut down, reinstall, tried everything. network on only 2.4 GHz, fixed ip address, also tried everything. No Problem with Star ans Nova.

In the Fritzbox control panel, find the qb in the list of network devices, and click on its name to get to the web interface.

From there, click on network and ratify the details are correct.

I’d suggest you don’t need to have it with a fixed ip, so remove that setting from the fritzbox and make sure the qb web interface says use dhcp.

If you want a fixed ip, make sure there isn’t a conflict between the Fritzbox settings and the qb’s own settings.

If I were to guess your issue, that’s where the conflict is. Your Fritzbox is best controlling the fixed ip, and leave the qb settings on dhcp enabled.

Thx. I can do this step in case the muso is active. In my Problem case i can‘t reach the muso via FRITZ!Box App. It don‘t open the side. But the muso still plays radio via wlan.

If you know the IP address of the mu-so you can just put that in the browser, just the 4 numbers is enough eg

If you can’t determine this, or there is no response when it is connected via WiFi, then the best way is to temporarily move the qb near to the router, connect via lan cable, and then resolve the set up conflicts.

In a normal household environment, there is no real need to use fixed ip addresses. My only fixed ip addresses, done in the router only, are for computers run headless where it’s convenient to know their IP address for remote connection. Every other device in the house, including ndx2, qb1, unitiqute 2 are all on dhcp.

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Signal strength “excellent” indicates the qb is running on wifi.
What do you have in the network tab?

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