Muso Qb 1 problems

I am sadly not reaching the point where I am considering selling my Qb. I have owned it for 18 months and I just cannot keep the thing connected. I have tried everything but nothing seems to stick as a solution. My problem is that the Naim app will not recognise the device. I live in a household with many connected devices and this is the only one that plays up. I have no wish to be chased from my home by my family because they cannot use Sky although we have already split the router to deal with connectivity challenges in that area, so I have now used an Ethernet cable to connect from router to Qb. Even having done that the app only sees the device intermittently - as a consequence the only thing that plays regularly is one radio station, which for some reason plays even though the app doesn’t work. I am up to date with updates on all my devices. So I appear to have paid hundreds of pounds for a machine that plays one radio station!!

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Could you explain what you mean?

Are you sure the device running the Naim App on is on the same network (and router) as the Qb? Have you tried deleting the Naim App and then re-installing it? Is the Qb on the latest firmware?
Have you saved more than one radio preset on the Qb?

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My poor language. the router has two channels, I think they all do, and it has been configured to cope with Sky, various mesh systems etc

Yes all on the same network and router and all firmware up to date. Sadly I just do not think the software matches the quality of the hardware. Having read a lot of this forum content this afternoon I am obviously not alone in thinking this?

I think the problem is obvious here and it’s not the QB and likely never was. Your dual band router is confusing your phone. I believe the QB only picks up the one band of wi-fi but your phone, as has been observed, is likely switching between bands. Deleting the Naim app and using ethernet will do nothing. You need to tell your phone to forget existing networks and then research forcing it onto the one band.

By any chance do you have Sky Q?


I have the Qb (1st gen) connected wirelessly and have never had any issues with the App (iOS) or the unit. The only issue I have if my router reboots I have to unplug the Qb to get it to reconnect to the network properly, so not really a big issue.

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Yes done that. The very fact that it is playing an internet radio station is proof that there is a network connection. Its just the app which fails to see the device…

Yes I do and it has taken an age to get that sorted too…

Well you are lucky. Just looking at comments about the app on the Apple app store and I start to get a sense that this app is simply not fit for purpose. The dual/split issue is the 2.4 v 5 GHz settings on the router but it should work for both. I am seeing a lot of comments that Naim has not resolved issues with BT Routers and mine is a BT router. To state again, it is playing an internet radio station via an Ethernet cable but the app cannot find the device.

My QB 1 works fine with BT hubs of various generations.

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If you have a BT router have you turned off Smart Setup, as this is essential. See

Also, delete the Naim App from your iOS device and then reinstall, but remember to acknowledge the pop up about allowing network and Bluetooth access.

I use the Naim App on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air M1 without any issues.

My Qb is on the 2.4 GHz WiFi signal from my Virgin Superhub and my iPhone is set up only onto the 5GHz WiFi from the same hub, but it all connects instantly all the time.

I do feel your exasperation, but having had a muso & qb for some time now, & now using an amazon fire 7 tablet that has had to have the Naim app ‘sideloaded’ on it (many thanks to contributors telling me of this great little, cheap, tablet) & used with various Apple phones/tablets I have had no problems whatsoever with connection issues. What the previous contributors have said is true: please, please look at your Wi-Fi and sort that out, you will then have many good years of listening enjoyment :slightly_smiling_face:

No issue with the Naim app. Certainly works fine with BT SmatHub… in fact works exceedingly well with the BT SmartHub 2 , better than many other consumer routers (I won’t go into the technicalities why here). The App also works with Ubiquiti dual band wifi with iPad and iPhone controlling a Qb1 via wifi.
Absolutely flawless.
I would look at your home network and get that checked before trying to use products on it. It sounds like something is awry…

Now one observation, depending on what else is on your wifi network, you may find some compatibility issues, especially, but not limited to if you have older devices connecting to your wifi network. In which case you can put BT SmartHub2 router into wifi mode 3, a nifty feature… it reduces performance slightly but allows older devices to work alongside newer devices on your SSID (wifi network)

Home networks for 99% of people need to have ONE subnet, ONE DHCP server, ONE router, bridged cooperating wifi access points (mesh or not doesn’t matter), NO internal network address translation, and IGMP/multicast group support on the router, switches and wifi…
Preferably no kludges like Powerline adapter bridges…

Given that your Naim, your printer, your home automation, your AppleTV screen share, your IP phone, your NAS, your work laptop tunnelling to your employer organisation, your IP TV, your browsing, your email, your Netflix … should all work …at the same time… that is what hone networks are designed to do.

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I’ve had mine (Qb V1) since July. Once, for a few times, the stations were dropping. I unplugged my router. Plugged it back in. reset fixed it. Now I do it once a week and never have a problem.

This is screaming “dual band router” as the issue just as it is with the damnable Sky Q. Whilst the Naim app is okay (and certainly nothing special) it clearly is no more the issue here than the QB itself.

Probably not much consolation but in the interest of balance, I have found the Naim app to be reliable and pretty good on the whole although not perfect.

It runs my Qb1 (wireless), Nova and Core (both Ethernet) and Multiroom with no problems. BT router, android phone and tablet. *

May not be the greatest piece of software but I’ve seen far worse and find the level of dislike on some threads perplexing.

"Although I now have a mesh system, it also used to work OK on the old system with a second router acting as an access point.


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