Muso qb 2 and spotify

Some of you guys were patient and helpful when I raised queries about streaming so I thought I would quickly let you know how matters stand.
I have a qb which I love to bits. A brilliant piece of kit.
However I simply cannot get reliable trouble free music from tidal connect or qobuz or apple music. When I use these either the airplay 2 constantly drops out or the Naim app stops working.
To be honest it became a nightmare of constant rebooting and stood staring at my ipad.
The good news is that as soon as I use spotify everything works perfectly - all the time - totally reliable and a joy to use.
I know spotify is nowhere near the listening quality of the others but I cannot spend my life fiddling with gear and software.
As an aside if they all worked like spotify I would use qobuz - I love their cool simple style. Also qobuz has fantastic sound quality. I thought the apple music app was an unbelievable mess! (but sounded good)
Anyway that’s where I am.

Keep smiling and listening to great music.


Why don’t you use Tidal or Qobuz from within the Naim app? Hopefully it will be a lot more reliable and may even sound better.

Good question but when I do this it is simply not stable. It constantly crashes - knocking out the Naim app and airplay disappears until a reboot of both Qb and ipad. I have really persevered with this but only spotify is stable.
I have excellent wifi and all software is up to date.
Eventually you get weary of faffing about.

Appreciate you commenting.

I have the same issue with Tidal (running via the Naim app) dropping out quite often when using my Qb (1. generation).

Just to check - Tidal via the App does not use Airplay. Have you tried connecting the Qb to the router with a cable? If it’s crashing it sounds as though your wifi might not be as stable as you thing it is. It has to be worth a try.

I haven’t tried a cable but BT have checked my wifi out and tell me it as good as it gets.

My set up would make a cable a bit of a faff.

However I am intending to put a decent hifi system in place in the next 12 months (Naim!) and will def hardwire it in.

Tidal crashes on me with or without airplay. All a bit odd when Spotify never puts a foot wrong on connection issues (and I mean never).

Clearly naim has built in Spotify - you even get the illuminated icon - this must have something to do with it? Tidal and Qobuz have been added later.

Oh well - the music is the thing!

Good to chat.

Tidal and Qobuz are just as built in as Spotify. All you need to do is go to the appropriate input and log in to your account and you are good to go. You then choose your music via the Naim App. Have you tried doing that?

Yes I have and it is just unstable. When it works it’s fab. But then …

Try running a cable as an experiment. Just drape it across the floor. At least you’ll then know whether it’s your wifi.

It shouldn’t be unstable. Your home network isn’t working properly basically. I know it doesn’t help you but I currently use Qobuz into a Nova via the Naim app and it just works all the time, for hours if I want. I’m using Ethernet to connect the Nova into my network.

If you are using a BT smarthub2, you are not alone with issues.
My QB2 regularly disappears from the app and airplay.
Having tried, I think literally everything, I may call BT and ask for a new router and see if that cures it.

Therein lies your problem.
Standard BT response.

May be worth investigating a mesh setup.
You could plug your QB ethernet into one of the mesh satellites to get a better network connection.

I need to research more!!!

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