Muso qb 2 generazione funzione server

Scuse me it is not clear to me the server function in the muso that is what music goes there ?? how do I see music here?

Hi, if you have music stored on your network, this input is where you will find it. You need to run a UPnP server to make it visible to the Muso.

Che significa server upnp

A server is something (hardware or software) that makes your files, music in this case, available across a network and upnp is the protocol that is used very often for audio systems, including by Naim. Google will tell you all about it.


Do you have digital music stored on a computer or hard drive? To play this on the Muso, you can use UPnP server software on your computer.
An easier way is to put the music on a USB storage device and connect this to the Muso.

I have library musical catalogue for genre country classical ecc ecc how i can see??

Where is the music stored?

My music is in usb driver and in pc When use muso it not see from icona server my library but only from usb

You need a UPnP server program on your computer. Even Windows Media Player should work. Asset or MinimServer are a lot better tough.

But i have question does AirPlay alter qualità music ? There is difference from using pen drive about quality of music??

Playing music directly from a pen drive is likely to sound better quality than Airplay. But you must decide for yourself :slight_smile:

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