Muso Qb 2nd gen volume control issue

A few weeks ago my Muso Qb 2nd gen started to have an issue with the volume control. It doesn’t adjust the volume as wanted, but either sets it a bit louder or more silent as I set from the device itself. Also the volume buttons in the app don’t work properly anymore, I have to tap them at least three times before the volume adjusts. And then it adjusts the volume too loud or too silent. The same thing with the volume slider in the app, it doesn’t stay in the place where I set it. This is really annoying. I updated the new version of the app but didn’t help. And the problem is also with the volume control in the device itself as I mentioned. IOS version 16.0.2, app version 6.0, firmware version

Did you try a power off restart of the Qb2?

Yes, tried it but didn’t help.

Well the last resort is to do a factory reset of the Qb2. You will have to set it up again but it can sometimes sort out these weird intractable issues that someone occasionally sees but most people aren’t experiencing.

Tried resetting to factory settings also, didn’t help. The same problem still exists. This is really weird (and annoying), because it used to work just fine before. I tried even setting the volume via remote controller, made no difference. So it seems that the problem is in the device itself (firmware), because it doesn’t make any difference where I adjust the volume.

I suggest giving Naim technical support a call. They may have a suggestion of something to try. Otherwise you may have to send it in for repair.

Good morning Sami. Did you find a solution finally? I have the same problem as you with my uniti atom

No I didn’t. Haven’t had the time to call the support. And will definitely not send the device back to the factory because I waited for about five months to get it in the first place :blush: And I don’t think Naim has any support here in Finland.

Will send an email to Naim support next.

Thanks for your reply! I guess I’ll do the same. If you find the solution let me know. Greetings

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