Muso Qb 2nd gen working in ROON but not detected by Naim app

As long as I have had my Mu-so it has worked fine with ROON. But only sporadicly Naim App. It has been like this for more or less 2 years. Sometimes it appears in Naim app but most of the time it dont. I also have Naim ND5 XS 2 it is works fine with the Naim app.
I rarely use Naim app since ROON is so more better but now I would like to see if there is any updates for Mu-so but I can’t get it to be detected by Naim App.
I use the latest Naim app on iOS 16.
I have reset the Mu-so and try to get it to work with Naim app but no luck so far.
Do anyone have any idea what I should do?

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