Muso qb and ipad

I have a spare ipad. I have never found airplay to be reliable in connecting with my qb.
Is it possible to hardwire the ipad direct in to the speaker?
I realise I would have to disconnect to charge now and again. What setting in the ipad do you use? Could you stick one of these dac thingies in between?
Is this feasible or am I talking tosh?!

Not using TCP/IP, but there’s a slim chance you might be able to use the Apple lightning to USB A adapter to connect to a USB port on your Muso. Don’t hold me to that though as I might be talking tosh!

If you were to put a DAC on the iPad output, for example one of the Audioquest Dragonfly Range, then you would have an analogue output that you could connect to the analogue input on the Qb.

To connect the Dragonfly (which has USB input plug), you would need an Apple “camera adaptor” lightning to USB adaptor and that would also allow you to charge the iPad through the same lightning port as it’s playing.

The Dragonfly comes in three quality levels Black, Red and Cobalt Blue. As it’s a Qb, I think a Black would be quite good enough. You don’t need to make any setting changes in the iPad.


Awesome guys - thank you!

If you don’t care about charging, Belkin do a lightning to 3.5mm analog cable. Just one single cable and no dongles or DACs to worry about. This option supports 24bit/48kHz

If you want simultaneous charging, a couple of options are:


  • Belkin Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Cable + Audio Charger Splitter
  • Standard 3.5mm audio cable
    This option supports 24bit/48kHz.


  • Apple “Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter”
  • Cubilux “USB A to Single SPDIF TOSLINK”
  • Standard optical SPDIF cable.
    This option supports the 24bit/96kHz capability of the muso’s optical port.
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