Muso Qb dead after two power cuts

I have a muso Qb. There were a couple of scheduled power cuts today and the Qb is now completely dead, no top lights - nothing. I suspect I know the answer (take it back to the shop) but just in case - is there a magic ‘wake up’ work around? Reset?

Don’t know about the Atom specifically but with computers there’s sometimes a protection that’s reset by unplugging it from the mains for a few min.

There is a small reset button on the back, use a cocktail stick and press it gently in. Have you tried that?

Also check the fuse in the plug. I forget whether there is a fuse on the Qb itself but if so, of course check that too.


Maybe try another fuse, if you have a second one in the Muso box.

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Try an overnight power cord removed. Power back up (connected via ethernet if you can) or try the reset button a few times.

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