Muso Qb failed Network Connection

Hello Naim Community.

I have a problem connecting my first gen Muso Qb to the network after upgrading to a Google Nest WiFi mesh router with a second point. I can see this issue has cropped up several times over the last few months. I have followed the advice, but to no avail. I am hoping that the posts that have petered out have some other options that worked!

My Muso has happily worked on my wifi with my NDX for a few years. I upgraded my virgin hub to a google mesh router plus point. The wifi works fantastically, everything connects as before, except the Muso. I have tried every combination of factory reset, rebooting the router (and modem), the muso etc. I’ve tried to connect via an ipad, a mac, an android phone and

Mostly I get an error message, via airplay, of ‘unexpected error’. But if i disconnect the second point, I can connect to the wifi. But the connection is lost when the muso ‘goes to sleep’. And I have to start again. I need the second point for my home wifi, so its not an option to have that permanently disabled. Of course, I can use bluetooth, but that means i can’t use it with my NDX as a home system.

The muso has v1.8 firmware.

Grateful for any help!

I’m not sure if it’s any help but I have three Google WiFi units (one primary connected to my ISP router and two secondary units) as well as a first gen Muso Qb that connects over WiFi. I do get the occasional dropout when streaming music to the Qb but it does always connect OK. The only thing that foxed me when I switched to Google WiFi was that it used a different IP address range (192.168.86.XXX) for connected devices compared to all of the other routers I’d previously used. Google have since updated their app and you can now re-configure the DHCP IP address range that Google WiFi uses but I’m just wondering whether you previously assigned a FIXED IP address to your Qb which isn’t on the 192.168.86.XXX subnet that Google WiFi uses out of the box?

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