Muso QB issue

I am conscious of other QB threads today so thought it best to start my own.

I’ve been temporarily banished to the spare bedroom and the boy’s first generation QB. Have tried both Tidal and internet radio. The QB appears to be playing from the front of its three sides only.

What am I missing?

I believe that is correct, the speakers are all on the front.
The sides have some bass augmentation function.


Really. Anything of this in the manual? I can’t believe something so basic passed me by.

Such a…er…cute face.

Looks like Polynesian art!

You can take the cover off and look for yourself (the cover is detachable so that you can change colour if you want).



The side drivers are passive radiators. The front drivers are actively driven.

In the manual it says:

Mu-so Qb: Dual two-way with mono subwoofer. Dual ABR loading.

The manual is here:

Well boy do I feel daft. He’s had it a few years now; it’s been all over the house for parties; put in the garden for barbecues… and I never once noticed.

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