Muso-QB just powers up in radio

Twice this week my Muso-QB (6 months+ old) has powered up playing a radio station. No it is not setup for Alarm and the times have differed, but are in the morning. Also it isn’t the last station I have used.

I suppose I could just power off at the mains socket, but how long do settings get retained when powered down?

Any thoughts, similar experiences? If it keeps doing it I suppose a return under warranty?

It just wants to play music…:grinning:

My Qb has never done that, but my Atom sometimes has a mind of its own. With Atom, if you unplug from the wall and immediately plug back in, Atom will self restart and re-load the operating system. I would expect if you leave for 5 min it should be fine. It’s a computer, just need a restart.

I am sure you have this sorted already, but just in case…make sure its up to date with latest software.

Is it possibly being woken up by interference somewhere? Or someone else on your home network playing games with you?
My QB’s have never shown this behaviour, but if you can rule out your network (maybe try it at a friend or neighbours house) it may be a faulty unit.

Make sure you’ve updated the Naim app on your smartphone to version 5.14.1 as one of the bug fixes specifically addressed this problem:

“prevents reconnecting to internet radio on open if product is in standby”

Thanks Dave, 4 devices to check App versions of. One is the dreaded Android v 2.14.1 so that has been uninstalled. Meanwhile I am using deep standby

You’re welcome Croma. If the latest version of the naim app doesn’t fix it I’d reach out to Naim support. They were very helpful diagnosing a Muso problem I had a while back which turned out to be a network issue.



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