Muso Qb placement


I bought a Muso Qb 2 for listening to music while I work. I audiotioned the speaker in another room with plenty of space around and I loved it. However when I moved it to my desk sound wasn’t the same.

I know that this is not a desktop speaker, but I would like to know if any of you is using it for near listening and where do you place it. I was thinking about puting shelf above my monitors and try that way.

I don’t want to return it because I’m aware of the potential of this little speaker, but I don’t know where to put it.

Thank you in advance.

It’s best placed on solid furniture. Also make sure the placement setting is correct in the Naim app, and adjust loudness on/off as appropriate.

I put 4 audio serenity gel pads under mine and it really focused the sound…really cheap on the river.

Sounds interesting, but do they mark the surface they’re standing on after a period of time?


I have them on glass, and not stuck to the muso base by their self adhesive pads as i take it on holiday with me. If it were wood they were on i would just cut a few pieces of grease proof paper to stick under the pads, you would not see the paper.

Have a play with the settings and see if that helps. For nearfield listening I would guess that you might prefer to turn loudness off, and set the room compensation to either near wall or near corner.

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