Muso qb sleep timer

Hi folks,
New here and loving my (cheep) muso qb - currently playing the TV through it to see what it’s like.
My main issue with it is the lack of sleep timer. Does anybody know if this can be done? Or who might I beg at Naim for the next software load?
Is there a sleep timer on the gen 2 model?
Cheers, Al

Hi, Qb shuts down after 20min default if unused. You can change the timer using Naim App Settings. Naim website has pdf version of Muso Qb manual you should check out. Lot of good to know info there.

But if it’s playing internet radio it’s in use.
I suspect it doesn’t have an alarm either so makes a pretty useless clock radio.

It does have an alarm - 2 in fact. So you can have different times for the week and the weekend.

Thanks Perttu, I’ve had it on constantly and not noticed the 20 min shut down, but I’ll play with that today.

I mistakenly used term shut down. It actually goes on standby mode. Deep sleep is the other option which I use when I’m away for days.
I have also switched Qb’s bottom light off so I have a darker room when I watch movies through tv. I prefer Qb as a soundbar over tv’s own speakers.

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So the feedback from Naim (which was quick btw) was that the sleep timer only turn off when the input signal stops, i.e. when there is no input. So if the radio is playing it will play indefinitely.
The Q I put backs but have not had a response to is what is the point of the auto standby as it will only do into that after your album has finished.
Given the digital nature of the amplifier and the light only being LED the power saving is negligible, whereas the benefit of just turning it off after you have fallen asleep or gone out is much better.
It’s a minor tweak, but one I doubt we’ll see unless people ask. If that will benefit you, please email naim.

Otherwise I’m loving this for background music and have bought another one for the office. And am getting frothy for trying something to replace my main system - either pursuing my dream NAC72/NAP140 to go with my EPOS ES11s or getting something more modern…

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