Muso Qb v Qb2

Hello everyone. I have a Uniti Atom playing through lovely focal aria 926. Very happy with both. Only issue is the regular pauses when I play qobuz files. Internet signal is good.
My question relates to the Muso Qb. I can get a refurb one for £399. Is the Muso Qb2 worth an extra £350?
Thanks, Mark

I can’t say I’ve compared them for sound quality, but the Mk2 will soon have Qobuz support which I guess you will like. It also has better WiFi, and Chromecast and Roon support.

Depends. If you listen to Tidal or Spotify… no. If you want to listen to Qobuz or Roon - yes! soon (since it supports the new streaming systems of Naim and they are releasing over the air updates for it) . Its also got more reliable WiFi support too - it support 802.11AC and 5GHz now.

SQ of the QB2 is really good, but the QB was pretty good too.

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Sound quality wise they’re close enough not to warrant the difference.

Advantages of the 2nd gen are Chromecast built-in and newer platform with support for Qobuz (soon) and who knows what else in the future. I wouldn’t expect the 1st gen to get any functional updates.

Up to you whether that’s worth 350

I’ve got both, I replaced my kitchen Qb with a Qb 2. Bass is better controllled and overall it’s a reasonable improvement in SQ. As suggested above if Qobuz matters to you, think about the Qb2, I’m probably not going to swap out my other 2 QB 1s, I am happy I did the one I use a lot.
One of the big UK chain retailers (think Kent) had a couple of Qb2s for under £600 earlier in the week.

I replaced a Qb with a Qb2. In my view a huge improvement. It continues to surprise me how good it is.
More musical, cleaner, faster, expansive sound. Much more involving, greater detail and better at frequency extremes.
I mostly listen to my rips made and served from a Naim NS01 but also Tidal, Spotify and radio.

Hi @Sedge1. If you’ve got the £350 handy go for the QB2. But you may not need it just to hear Qobuz playing on the Muso. You can play Qobuz on the QB through the Atom using multi-room. At least I can. My Atom is wired and the QB wireless, but, to my surprise, I can stream Qobuz to the Atom and select the Muso in multi-room and it plays fine, at least up to 24/96.


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Good pro tip! Thanks.

I’ve had both models (indeed I still have the old one).
I can actually hear quite a step up in sound quality with the Qb2.
It also seems a bit slicker all round.

I bought my Muso Qb used (from an authorized dealer) and have been very happy with it. The sound is remarkably good for its size. My question is, how do I tell whether I have a Qb or a Qb2? On the bottom of the unit, is says Muso Qb.

My reason for asking is that I am listening more and more to Qobuz, and my understanding is that the pending addition of Qobuz will be available only on the Qb2. If my model is a Qb, I will trade it in for a Qb2. Thanks for your help.

The easiest way is to call naim customer support and give them the part number or serial number off the qb and they should get able to tell you straight away. They were very helpful when I called to talk about refurbed qbs.

Hi it’s easy to spot the difference between qb and qb2, the most obvious difference is the colour; qb is light silver, qb2 is dark silver. The finish of the grille material is different, the controller is different.
Qb2 on the left.

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