Muso QB2 Frozen - Control wheel led spinning

Hi All,
I’ve had the muso for approx 2 week.
All was working fine until today.

Unit is stuck with control wheel led spinning. Led on the back appears to be green.

I’ve tried power off on and reset to no joy.
No connection showing on naim app or Google home.

Any suggestions welcome?


When you press the reset button, are just pressing or pressing and holding for a bit?

When you power off is it just into standby or have you unplugged and left it for a bit then plugged back in?

Hi Richard,
I’m holding for at least 10 seconds and unplugging from the mains.

Unit is frozen with spinning led. Touch screen and remote are unresponsive.

Thanks for reply.

Any other suggestions folks?

Before I contact dealer for return.


Unplug your Qb2 from the mains - leave for at least 30 minutes.

During that downtime, restart your internet router - ensure that’s fully powered back up before you plug your Qb back in.

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