Muso Qb2 - Hardwired / WiFi Server Connection not seen

Using the NAIM iPhone App, if I connect the ethernet cable, the connection in the app drops out. I’ve reset the Qb2 (which required me to disconnect the ethernet cable).

I am trying to get a QNAP Asset (latest versions) server connected and having no luck through the App.
Is there something to set up on the QNAP (UPnP is on).

Anything I’m missing? Any pointers appreciated.


Hi, there could be a number of reasons, but there was a recent thread from someone who found that Asset was blocked by a firewall running on the network, so if you have one, try disabling it.

Hi, yes, thank you. I will look at that next. I’ve also realised that I am running WiFi over Velop Mesh, so the Qb 2 IP is, and my QNAP is hardwired onto, so there may be subnet problems, as the NAIM is not even seeing the Plex server (I take it that it should).

So when I’m connecting the Ethernet Cable, it’s getting issues with trying to be on two different subnets (I’m guessing). I wonder if I can get the Velop Mesh on the same subnet… arrghhh.


Yes, you’ve deduced correctly that the your Qb and NAS should be on the same subnet. As should your control pad.

Yes, you want things in the same subnet. Are you running a DHCP server on the Velop as well as one on your router?

Hi, just trying to work this fella out. So, yes, the Velop is running the DHCP, DHCP is off on the main router out. I’m considering switching that back to when I had my main technicolor router dealing out the IP numbers. - Update, yes, Velop server is not keeping the IP numbers, so I will try going back to the main router as DHCP server…

// Update //
Placing the Velop into bridge mode and using the main router for DHCP got everything working. Thanks for the help.


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That sounds right to me, glad you got it sorted.

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