Muso qb2 - MAC address or IP address

I need some help,
Where can I find the Mac address or IP address without the Naim app?
It is quite hard to add qb2 to the network.
I currently live in a student apartment, the internet service provider is ASK4.

Load the Fing app on your phone and it will show everything on the network. It’s really useful.

Same type of app as Fing, but for a Mac computer, is LanScan.

These apps show the IP address and the Mac address. Alternatively, you can log into your router and find a table of everything connected - IP and Mac addresses.

Finally, is the Mac address on a sticker on the unit, or in the paperwork that came with the Qb?

Thanks for your contribution, buddy. I have used your way and solved the problem.

I have got that MAC address from my laptop. I need this address is because the network requirement, otherwise I can not connect the speaker to the network.
It seems no sticker on the speaker and I had checked everywhere but nothing is there.
Anyway, thanks for your help.

That’s great, I’m pleased it worked.

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