Muso Qb2 Multiroom Touch


I have a Muso Qb 2 and a Uniti Star, both on the same network. Multiroom works fine both ways via the app. However, how can I activate it from the Muso touch panel or the remote control?

If it’s the same as the Atom then it should be the button with 4 squares on it. Never used it myself as I own one Naim system and many othrers not Naim so use Roon to control multiroom to all of them

I know the button. But pressing it only changes the light on the wheel quickly, then the four squares briefly flash - and nothing happens. :man_shrugging:t2:

Hi, check out the support page for the Qb should tell you all you need.

Thanks! The problem is, that, after pressing the multiform-touchfield, the preset indicators at the top of the UI are not lit up. It appears as if no devices are available. Again, it works fine from the app.

Maybe you can’t start a multiform-session with the Musa as the master over the touch-UI, but only join an existing session where another device is the master?

I’ll have a play around with my Qb later and let you know what I find.

I’m curious. I played around a bit and I could reproduce my suspicion - that the Muso UI only works unilaterally if the Muso is the receiver and the Star is the master.

Sorry moteverdi, I realise we are talking Gen 2 only, I have gen 1’s. I’m sure one of the very helpfull members will shed some light on it. Good luck.

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