Muso QB2 resume issue

I recently purchased a Naim Mu-so Qb 2 and everything seems to work fine. However, the resume function on the UI dial doesn’t seem to work. I can play upnp or tidal through the qb 2, turn it off, then turn back on immediately and press the play button and it will resume the last playlist. However, if i switch to another input (optical) and try to switch back to Resume, it doesn’t work. The resume button doesn’t even light up when touched. It works with the larger Muso2. Is it a faulty unit issue with QB2?

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We’ve tried to replicate what you describe here, but it’s working fine for us, on both Mu-so and Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation.

Here’s effectively how that buttons works: if you have items in the playqueue (UPnP/Tidal/Qobuz) it will resume it. If you are signed into Spotify, Spotify takes precedence and is resumed instead (assuming you have an active session.)

So there’s a chance the Play Queue may have been cleared in the App, maybe?

Hi Clare, thank you for looking into this. I tried with the larger muso and at any point in time i can always resume the last playlist. I think it’s a faulty button as when i tried to press the button on the qb2, it didn’t even light up:

Just thought i confirm first before reaching out to the store for a replacement. Thank you!

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