Muso qb2 volume dial

Just received the new Qb2 speaker, connected, updated, all is well.
However, there’s zero reaction to the physical volume dial on the speaker. It’s not adjusting anything (independently of the source). I can only control the volume with the remote or app, the dial is dysfunctional. I’ve done hard reset, not helping.
My strong assumption is that the issue must be in the hardware, but maybe i’m wrong and someone has resolved something similar in a soft way.

That’s not good. I’d take it back and get a replacement.

Is it just the volume that doesn’t work, or is it the other all the other functions of the dial too?

Only the volume control. The sensor panel is 100% functional.

Then unless you have inadvertently hit a button on the touchscreen (eg Mute or input selection) it sounds like it could be a faulty unit.

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