Muso radio switch nightmare

New member here.

I recently purchased a Muso 1st gen. It’s a dream of a second system save for one very annoying issue.

Whenever I switch radio stations using the dial the system loses connection to the internet, spends an age searching for it (flashing orange light) and occasionally requires a reset to bring it back to life.

The Muso is connected directly (I. E. wired rather than WiFi) to the router. The router is only a month old, internet speed is c. 80mbs. Never drops out. Running the app on a Pixel 4 (android). Radio switches are more reliable on the app but still not faultless.

Everything else works fine - streaming via Tidal, USB etc.

Any ideas?

P. S why on earth does a factory reset revert some settings to default (loudness, radio presets) but not others!

That does sound very odd, especially since it’s a wired connection. I’m not sure I’ve got anything to suggest though.
Presumably the radio presets are actually set/stored before you try to switch stations.

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