Muso - Spotify Issue

Over the last week or so I have had an interesting problem which initially I thought was a Muso problem. I use the Muso as a sound bar and while watching the tv or even with the tele off the Muso would suddenly change to Spotify. I would reset it to Digital but it would jump again. I was about to lay the blame at Naim’s door when I had the same issue with my Denon AV amp. My wife was watching Netflix and it did the same thing The commonality, as far as I can tell, is Sky as I don’t actually subscribe to Spotify but their app is resident within Sky. That is my initial deduction but just wondered if any other users have had a similar problem.

There is an issue with the way Spotify Connect works, which means that if someone has previously used it on your system, they can inadvertently connect to it again without realising, and they do not need to be anywhere near your network to do this. I suspect this might be your problem here, in which case the solution is to find out who it is, and ask them to make their Spotify app ‘forget’ your Muso.

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Thanks Chris,

I was forced to take the issue seriously as it was becoming more persistent.

To try and see if it was a Sky issue I disconnected my Sky Q boxes and even the Sky router. Interestingly, the Muso kicked into life for a short period after I had disconnected the router which was a little disconcerting. Having done that, I switched everything back on and we were back to square one with the Muso unpredictably jumping from Digital to Spotify.

Anyway, I decided to factory reset the Muso and have had the television playing for a couple of uninterrupted hours so far.

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