Muso V1 Equalizer?

I’ve owned a 1st generation Muso for several years now and find that I am, in the end, disappointed with it. I’ve decided to replace it with something else. Simply because it lacks an equalizer. It has otherwise been a satisfactory Lifestyle product.

I find that I no longer listen to it as much because I have been unable to attenuate room related sound issues in the lower frequencies. I have tried all of the minimal DSP settings offered, along with stuffing the port, but have not found any relief.

After owning a Linn Klimax DSM with room correction, I can see what this could easily offer instead.

I own and have owned some of the best products offered by Naim over the past 25 years, including several active systems. I have always been able to address room related issues with larger systems with speaker choice and placement. Along with room treatment of course.

With a lifestyle type system that the Muso offers this is not typically available. The Muso could be a much improved product if it simply offered software DSP adjustments.

Any suggestion to save this product would be welcome. I like everything else about it.


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I suppose you’ve experimented with the loudness on/off and the distance from the wall?
Also you can experiment with eg oak cone feet or vibrapods.
Personally I find the balance fine with loudness off.

Yes, I’ve tried all the regular things. There a Loudness setting, Near Wall, and Far Wall settings I’ve tried all of them, multiple times in multiple settings over the years. I’ve Bunged the bottom port too. I’ve even tried blocking the woofers in the front with cardboard. All of this with very mixed results. I’ve never been much of a fan of ported woofers. LS3/5a’s, Isobariks and DBL’s taught me a long time ago about ported versus sealed box bass. Better to have errors of omission rather than commission.

Suggestions here

I was really looking something more like an equalizer function

My muso sounds great. Make sure you have the wall spacing right and don’t have loudness on. The loudness feature is a bit boomy imo.

Yes, I have experimented a great deal with the Loudness feature. I have also tried the Near Wall feature. And then the Far Wall feature. They all offer different levels of bass. I have also relocated the Muso to at least a half a dozen different locations. I would not describe the Muso as offering a neutral or flat response in any of the different locations I have tried. I find the presentation on the dark side offering too much mid/low bass and not enough midrange. If there were speaker out plugs offered I’m sure I could find an small inexpensive speaker with a more palatable presentation. A pair of Old School Rogers LS3/5a’s would make a wonderful presentation I would think.

I too have a gen 1 Muso, bought without audition and have never really been happy with the sound. I don’t think you will find what you’re looking for but I agree with the earlier comment about feet/isolation. Depending on the surface it’s on, they can make quite a difference. Mine is on very cheap rubber pucks I had lying around and they helped a lot with the lower frequencies.

Hi Urbanbye, I have a Mu-so 1. The thing I’ve had to accept with Naim is that you don’t get equalisers or tone controls, so the the way I tweak or equalise the sound to make it ‘better’ for my ears is to try different leads and support surfaces.
The only lead is the mains one in the Muso. I bought it when it first came out and I could only find two quality lead manufacturers who did figure of 8 fittings. At the time I really liked the sound of Nordost, so after a bit of reading, and comments on the forum, I went for their Purple Flare. That opened up the sound significantly.
Next was support, I still wanted the sound to be a bit tighter. So tried some of the support feet I had, the best were stainless steel ones that my friend gave me.
Sounds great to me, and goes loud enough to fill a large room with party level sound! It’s near a wall and that’s the setting I now have it, usually with the loudness on, but sometimes off depending on the music. I have tried with all the different settings and prefer that.
Now low glass shelves with Fraim style feet are available as well, in the past I would have tried them.
The improvements for me meant that when I listened to the 2 when it first came out, admittedly in a store setting, I wasn’t impressed and the 2 took up more space as well.
So plenty of things for you to fiddle around with Urbanbye! Good luck.
Best wishes Amer


There seem to be different types of Vibrapods. They are cheap, so I’m willing to give it a go. Just trying to get rid of some wooly bass.

What type of Vibrapods do you recommend?

Thanks for the suggestion. I can try my Muso on my Naim Fraim from my regular system. I do have a lot of experience with stands, going ay back to multi-tiered Mana stands for an Linn LP12. The kind of change I am looking for is not the usual thing that stands can resolve.

I’ve tried another power cord just to see and I could not tell any difference. Once again, this would not be something that my past history tells me it is unlikely to cure.

Hey Urbanbye, I use Mana with their stainless steel spike upgrade for my amps and LP12, still love them! I am surprised that you didn’t notice much difference with a different power chord as it made a clear and obvious difference when I changed from the supplied one. (The Nordost cost £200 at the time )
Anyway, only you know what you want! Hope the Fraim experiment works for you. Good luck! Best wishes Amer

This one, model 3 would be most suitable for the weight, assuming you use 4 of them.
Model 3 each one up to 4.5kg, weight of a mu-so 13kg.

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