Muso v2 - TV Sound ISSUE

So, I just installed the latest Firmware

After the update, I’m now not able to use it on my Samsung Q9 TV anymore. The sound keeps dropping out every couple of seconds. While it “drops/no sound” I can see it’s still connected to the TV as I’m able to monitor the connected audio devices and change the volume.
I have tried:
Switching both off and back on again. (And one at a time.)
A different HDMI cable.

Previously I had this issue while using Chromecast, but that was fixed in the previous Firmware update.

Any ideas on how to fix this or roll-back a Firmware version?

I think you have done the obvious…
… best to contact Naim support; maybe they can also offer a way for a roll-back. (Standard support vie the App only includes “update to latest” process.)

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