Muso x 2 for price of Muso 2

Hello, i am able to buy two muso for a bit less than the muso 2. Is it worth doing so?

It rather depends on whether you need two.

Whilst i dont necessarily ‘need’ two i have more tham one room and it would be nice to have the systems linked around the home. I suppose what im trying to find out is whether the quality difference between the gen 1 and gen 2 is worth the price difference or whether the original is still good and noe great value.

You really need to listen to them, if that’s still possible with the old model at a dealer. One person’s big difference is another’s marginal difference. I’ve heard both and the new one is certainly better and has improved functionality. Do you actually need to full sized mu-so? Maybe a mu-so and a Qb would fit the bill.

I’d say it depends on how you plan on using the “main” MuSo: if it’s for background only then the Gen 1 can fill the bill but if you want to sit down and really listen the Gen 2 would be my pick. I have both and the Gen 1 never sounded to me like a real Naim product; with limited PRAT & soundstage, it lacks bass, clarity, and especially musicality. Thankfully the Gen 2 fixed all that and more.

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You right. Ill have to try and listen to them both, side by side. QB and Muso is a good call.

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