Muso2 error "time-out connecting to leo server"

had error msg as in title playing qobuz in naim app. does anyone know if that is a qobuz or naim error? since then app can’t find the muso2 and bluetooth shows as not connected. have tried switching off at the mains, waiting 5 mins then restarting but hasn’t solved the problem. anyone having similar problems? plays radio from favourites - so is connected to internet

hi @Stevesky
i see you were involved in sorting out a similar msg back in jan - but i couldn’t work out from the thread what the solution was

I worked out what is going on with the front display regarding it not properly obeying the display off setting. I’ve raised a Jira to the dev team - it’s a bit of a complex stack up of events. Could you let me know the make/models of any switches / wifi routers that the streamer is connected to.

So what is going on? At Linux boot there are 3 main sw components that startup.
Singha - QT front display app
Leo - Naims server and api glueware / do all stack
NSDK - the streamer core.

Singha talks to Leo and Leo talks to nsdk if needed.
At boot nsdk resolves if wifi or ethernet is in use and if ethernet the various linux networking utils get the eth0 interface up and negotiate an ip address via dhcp.

If a network is slow to do this then nsdk is delayed at starting up.
Meanwhile Singha and Leo starts up. Singha asks for the user interface settings from Leo. An incomplete reply comes back (as Leo needs nsdk to be online). A few more attempts are done but each time nsdk is still not ready. Singha ends up using some hard coded defaults (display on, but after 2hrs of inactivity will turn display off). These defaults cause a lot of confusion with the end user.

Naturally we will unravel the above and get it sorted. However I’m wondering why its taking time to get active on the network. Could you check to see if there are any network eco-modes built into the kit or maybe some built in security features that is causing the delay.


hi @Richard.Dane @Stevesky i solved by restarting my bthub please could you close thread richard. thanks nigel

Glad to hear. I’ll close the thread for you now.