Muso2 firmware update fails

hi all wondered if anyone else has this problem or a fix

tried to start firmware update - got failure to connect message retried a few times - same message - so cancelled - then muso wouldn’t play music
so tried update again - no error message just spinning circle in app - muso2 volume control ring was fully lit - no indication of progress now muso has turned itself off - lights out but app still has spinning circle - help!

Did you try unplugging the Muso2 from the mains power, leave it for 30 secs and then power it up again?

If that doesn’t help, then I next suggest a factory reset, which means with power in you press the pin inside the reset hole for 10 secs and release. You will have to set up WiFi again though, so you might want to try this reset with an Ethernet cable between your muso2 and your home network.

thanks for suggestion david - i haven’t uplugged because the update screen specifically says not to remove power till update has completed - perhaps @Naim.Marketing or @Stevesky could advise me if that is best thing to do?

update - after an hour or so app now shows error msg failed to repond and options cancel or retry

I would definitely unplug and leave for a while.

While it is down, I would also power down your phone/tablet with the Naim App and back up again. A router restart can be helpful, too.

Wait until everything is back up and then plug your Mu-so back in.

As noted above, if you can hardwire your speaker with an Ethernet connection to your router - even if just to perform this substantial update -it could help.

thanks @Naim.Marketing and @davidhendon turning everything off for an hour has fixed it. i don’t have an ethernet cable so will postpone update for now - the playlists stopping bug is liveable with

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