Muso2, Hi-Res and Multiroom

I have a SuperUniti (lounge), Muso1 (dining room) and MusoQB1 (kitchen) and although they all play Hi-Res and Multiroom, they can’t do it combined. After buying the Musos it became apparent that in Multiroom mode 48kHz was the maximum sample rate supported, although that was not clear in any sales data. I have a significant amount of Hi-Res (up to 24x 96kHz) in my music library stored on a QNAP NAS (using MinimServe). To allow Multiroom of my full music library to work (typically during the day as I go between rooms), I have a second QNAP NAS with a full copy of my music but everything down converted to 16x44.1kHz. Keeping the two NAS synchronised is a pain!
I think I read somewhere that the new generation of streaming products, including the Muso2 and MusoQB2 do fully support Multiroom and Hi-Res together but I can’t find conformation of this anywhere. Being an engineer I do like to see things in writing, not vague rumours.
If someone is actually doing Multiroom and Hi-Res together using a Muso2 as a master I would be tempted to replace the QB1 in the kitchen with a QB2 and relocate the QB1 to the summerhouse.
Thanks in anticipation, Paul.

  1. Combine it with other networked Naim products (including 1st Generation Mu-so and Mu-so Qb) via the updated Naim app

  2. Pair it with other AirPlay 2-compatible wireless speakers via the Apple Home app

  3. Pair it with other Chromecast devices via groups controlled by the Google Home app.

Connectivity|Multiroom|Sync up to five Naim Streaming products and control via the Naim App.
Network|Ethernet (10/100Mbps), Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac), BLE v4.2|

From the website, as another engineer i too want the facts too!

also see this

I can stream from my NAS to both my Muso QB (1st generation) and Uniti Star using the Naim App to select the rooms I want to include in the multi-room playback. I just tried a 24 bit 88kHz FLAC and it played simultaneously on both the Qb and the Star without issue.

Use the Naim App to select other rooms to playback in and it all works fine.

This supports the idea that the new generation will support Hi-Res+Multiroom. Have you tried making the Muso1 the master?

Hi, Just to close this issue I have received a response from Naim Technical Support confirming my understanding. This from Henry O’Shea:

Hi Paul
So I’ve had a chat with the others, and I’ve been directed towards a page of our internal knowledge base that R&D wrote a little while ago, and this does indeed say that in your setup, you won’t be able to multiroom above 48 kHz unfortunately (see below), but with a QB 2, using that as the master, you would indeed be able to, due to the upgraded streaming platform.

The email includes a chart that identifies multiroom compatibility between various products and data rates. Maybe this should be more open?


Yes, this issue does sometimes catch people out. Maybe you should post the chart here for reference.

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Unit connection Network Number of rooms DSD Multiroom supported 48khz and below 48khz -96khz 96khz - 192khz Above 192khz
Muso mk2 > Aything Wired or Wireless 8 Y Y Y Y Y
Uniti / Streamers>Anything Wired or Wireless 8 N Y Y Y N
Legacy>Legacy Wired 5 N Y Y N N
Legacy>Legacy Wireless 4 N Y N N N

Hope this copy and paste works, if not will try something else.



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