MusoQB - cannot connect to wifi

I have a Qb that has worked fine on a WiFi network that has an AirPort router. Moving it to a new apartment, with a Fios router, same network name, same credentials… didn’t work. Did factory reset. Checked 2.4Gh. Checked b/g.

All I get is “An unexpected error occurred. Try again.”

I have spent HOURS trying to get this working. Thoughts?

I am 24 hours away from putting the damn thing on eBay and buying a HomePod.

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Do it …

As it’s not connecting to the new Fios router I would point at that being the cause of the problem.

From a google search it seems that people tend to have trouble with Airplay and Bonjour based devices on these routers, I would start by trying to figure out how to make it allow Bonjour network traffic as well as Multicast.

Looks like that router isn’t anything flash, so if you could replace it with something better that’s what be looking to do.

Thanks, but the router is brand new and I took the Fios one so less likelihood of finger pointing by verizon if anything goes wrong down the road. All of my other devices (iOS, Nest thermos/alarms/etc.) work fine so it’s not the router. On another thread I saw a comment about disabling automatic channel select on the router - that seems to have fixed the problem (after literally HOURS trying to diagnose it, finding nothing that mentions this in the Naim documentation, and suffering the annoyance of having to get approval to register for, and then separately to post to, this forum).

I would like to reiterate what others said on that thread, that it is really, really a PAIN that such expensive (and recently produced) gear is so much less robust in Wifi connectivity. No 5Gh, can’t have 2.5 and 5Gh networks the same name, can’t use automatic channel select… at this point I have dumbed down my network just to get the Muso working. I can only imagine what will happen when I try to hook up my NDX.

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