Muso's not that portable

House sitting, for the second time in a few weeks. Dragging a 300DR, 272 + 555PS + a pair of PMC speakers up here isn’t feasible. A Muso is.

Trouble is that plugging it In via Ethernet is a bit intermittent, half the time the Naim app can’t see it and it needs the IP adding every few mins. I’d rather enjoy the wine and the music. WiFi would work but it means having to faff with it tomorrow when I go home, and when I do another sesh here next week.

Is this normal?

I have an excuse. :+1:

Mines wired and works fine, the trouble with the Muso is the location of the internet and power connections. Apart from the fact that they’re inconveniently placed you need hands and fingers the size a 5 year old to connect them.

The Muso may use cable but the app doesn’t. Get into the WiFi or suffer.

Yes, true you do need wi fi for the app.

If you don’t have any wifi but have an IOS device like an iPod iPhone or iPad then you can connect via the Apple lead and play directly from that. You could also use Bluetooth, but the wired connection sounds much better and is much more reliable.

Wifi on the iPad is fine; as it’s been connected there before it reattaches to that network without issue so the app isn’t an issue. At home it used to run on the same configuration as at the other house; ethernet into the Muso and wifi for the iPad. Never a problem, it works as intended. It now connects via wifi at home, for practical purposes.

My issue is that the performance in swapping the Muso wifi connection detail about is a faff, much more than the iPad or any phones I’ve used in both places so it should be easier to use ethernet to save wiping the Muso’s existing wifi details. The issue is that when I bring the app back into play on the iPad as often as not is hunts for the room for a while and gives up, and if I enter the IP manually it’ll usually hang for a while trying to reconnect to the Muso.

It’s not robust. Doesn’t happen at home, just when I take it there. It’s annoying but I can live with it.

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