Must Qb Firmware Update on Tidal

I suggest getting your dealer around. My post was describing basic WiFi parameters. If that doesn’t make much sense it’s a bit hard to advise you with respect to WiFi … as you will otherwise be simply trying random things until something works. A bit like saying my car doesn’t go very well, but it’s hard to advise how to fix without giving a few more details unless you hand over to somebody to do it for you. We don’t need ‘topologies’ or anything like that… just the basics.

Do you a good wireless signal to your Qb… if so how do you know? How does this change if someone else uses your WiFi with any load. Does your Qb work at all? If so doing what… does your Qb ever work streaming Tidal or internet radio? If so what works well and what doesn’t… describe it.

Ultimately if you are going to use a home network and broadband you might need to learn the absolute elementary basics if you want to understand why something isn’t working as intended so as to remedy it. Just like if your lights go out, you want to check your circuit breaker and then see if your bulbs have blown. You don’t need to know how your house is wired.


I think we need to be careful here. I bought a Qb 12 months ago and notwithstanding the odd BBC drop out all had been fine and Tidal flawless. This week I did the Firmware upgrade and for 2/3 days it was excellent but then yesterday dropped completely.

I hear what you say that we all need to be more savvy about this stuff. To an extent and whilst we can all expect the odd hiccup, and previously I’ve always defended Naim, it’s surely reasonable that the equipment should just. continue to work.

I’m glad I kept my CD player and FM tuner!



I have had a look at my network settings and it is recognising all the devices that I have connected, including the Qb and the star. The network status light on the Qb is white, which I think means it is OK.
As said before the star is wired direct to the router and the Qb is connected via wi-fi. I couldn’t see anything in my network settings that was anything like that in Simons post.
The Qb still doesn’t play Tidal.
In my opinion I shouldn’t have to worry about delving into network settings. Both the Qb and Star are connected to my internet and recognised by network so they should both work.
All the consumer should have to do is to follow the set up guides for the products and let them get on with it, they should just work. I have had issues with the Star refusing to play any of my ripped CDs (twice now - just seeing what the rips sound like (using a USB stick at present) before I purchase a proper server to store then on) and the Qb constantly drops out when streaming to it from the Star.
In the old days if you bought an amplifier or a CD player that refused to play music you would just take them back and get one that worked (or your money back)!! Nowadays how do you prove that the unit is at fault? The star plays CDs fine BTW! I have no issue with the sound quality of the Star (and the Qb is good for movies) but the streaming ripping technology/software is not as good as it should be in my opinion.
Sorry for hijacking your original thread Lindsay!

No problem at all. See the other thread where I have reported that quite inexplicably my Qb stopped playing from Tidal for 24 hours this weekend but then just put itself back to work. All seems fine now.

Can I suggest that your Naim dealer might come out and have a look at what might be going on?



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