MuSu Qb 2 Alarm clock again

Good morning,

there had been several topics about Mu-so
2 or Mu-so Qb 2 loosing their alarms.
One of mine, but it is unfortunately closed already:

We had that problem again. This time, we got a hint, because we hat a malfunction on a different device, which triggered the fuse.
Next morning the alarm didn’t work. Starting our favourite radio station manually worked, so it was definitely not a WiFi issue.

Again there was no way to get the different alarms work again.

After deleting all existing alarm times, and creating new ones, with dedicated names (as I know already) it worked again.

That is a bit annoying.
Alarms shouldn’t be affected by power loss, at the first !!! Power failures may occur in times you are not at home.

Second, why should I always set all alarms new? We are a family with different wake up times on different days.

So maybe Naim is able to fix this problem soon.

This should be send to support this will hopefully help get it into the system to be solved.

Have you notified support of this?

As I know, they are reading here and sometimes they answer

Sometimes, but not always as it’s not geared up to be a proper support resource, beyond Beta testing. I recommend you contact support. Info here;

So I sent an E-Mail about this to the support, but never got a ticket number or any answer anyway.
That’s what I had several times before. It seems, that the support don’t answer foreign customers complains.
So would be good to have the problem fixed an to know it.
Every time we clean the Mu-so we look after the power cord, not to loosen it. My wife doesn’t move it to “better place” any longer, just to prevent power loss….
And we always hope not to have a power cut within the night.
An alarm clock is something to substantiate, so it would be good to know it works

Solomon, you should have received a ticket number. Check your junk mail folder. Otherwise please try again and then let me know the ticket number so i can follow it up for you. Thanks.

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Good morning,

I send several emails to Naim support. The first years ago, when mu-so qb1 had only one alarm at once. I thought our needs would get an ear.

Then, again when I had the first problems with my-so2. But there wasn’t any answer any time.

At that time, I also tried my customer, who contacted the German customer support. I didn’t get support on this way, too.

I frequently look into my junk mail folder, but there is only junk, never ever mail from Naim.

The only help came from other customers in the community.

So I might resend my mail to customer support, but I am upset already and disillusioned too.

The sounds is pretty good, I like the design too, but contact is bad, support non at all. For the price of Naim products (I got a unity nova and a star, also) this is a bizarre situation.



As you suggested I send my support question a couple of minutes before again . I used as recipient.

So I am in eager expectation, if I will get an answer now

Try Sending to the regular support email - Then let me know the ticket number.

That email address is no longer active, unfortunately (has not been for more than a year), which could explain lack of reply!
We now offer full Mu-so support in-house, with the details @Richard.Dane has provided.

I’ll also loop @tomvamos in here so our software team are aware of this issue.

In this case it should be removed from the Mu-so support page where it is still listed under contacts. (And wouldn’t hurt to forward or auto-reply in case someone still has it in their address book)

Apologies, we thought we’d expunged all references; i’ll get this removed or redirected.

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Mu-so Support | Naim Audio, scroll down to Contact Information and click it :slight_smile:

Suspected that’s where it was…

Clare you could ask your IT person to provide an automatic redirect from the old muso support email address to the current support email address. Or at least to provide an automatic reply (like out of office) from muso support email address. These are both trivial things to do as it’s all on your own naimaudio domain.




As Suedkiez wrote, I got the e-Mail Adresse, when looking for mu-so 2 support recently. Also all mails I wrote before, I used E-Mail links on your website. And this doesn’t explain, why the German support, contacted via my shop, gave only one answer, something like “we had to give it to the Naim customer support…they will contact you” . But nothing happened.
Again I am amazed how semiprofessional (for best, one could call it easily amateurish) the customer support works for highly rated and highly priced devices.
So I try again with, and I am curious, if something is happening now

Oh, it worked:
Your Ticket Number is 119975

Another hint, when using the German version of your website, support is the distributor…which gives it to England…why this detour?

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Yes, we’ve done exactly that with a range of legacy email addresses - odd that this one got overlooked, but digital team are on it now.

Glad you have your ticket - sure the team will get back to you (I will flag it up with them.)

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