My 5 year old supernait 2 right channel has no sound


I am very upset because my 413048 serial number Supernait 2’s right channel has no sound. I tried to disconnect my hi-cap, changed the speaker cables and tried all sources but the result is the same. I am writing from Turkey Istanbul and now I really don’t know what to do. It was working fine but today the channel has stopped working just like that. What would you suggest me?

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Sounds like a stuck relay… repair only I think.

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Based on your description, it sounds like a genuine problem with the amp. If the Naim website is correct, there is a Naim dealer in Istanbul, as you probably know better than me. It might have to go there and be sent to Naim for repair. Do you have extended warranty through the local distributor?

Thank you very much Suedkiez, and Hifi-dog, I will take it to them but isn’t it a shame that a naim product has such an issue. I used SN1 for more then 10 years without any problem. Are the new naim products not as good as old ones? And I really doubt that there is a person who can fix it in Turkey if it is a serious problem. I am very very disappointed…

Thank you very much Hifi-dog, is it something that is easy to fix?

It’s a shame but component failures happen. Without knowing repair statistics, it is impossible to make statements about general reliability. I am sure someone 10 years ago had an SN1 that broke.

If it’s an output relay (certainly possible) it is fairly easy to fix for someone who has the right part and knows what he is doing. Some distributors are authorized to perform certain repairs, such as in Germany for example. It depends. Your dealer should know. If there is no-one, I would send it to Naim UK (via the dealer) instead of letting anyone unauthorized repair it.

Depending on the local distributor’s terms, and the exact age of the unit, it might still be covered by extended warranty. Depends on the distributor

I know they had some relays that failed V m early and have changed supplier but it’s hard to judge what will fail in years time. As far as I know it’s a mute relay but it’s a professional repair only I reckon

Thank you very much

Thank you very much, I hope it is just the relay, it would be a simple fix. But if it is something else, I would be very upset.

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