My baby is back

It all started with a noise in the rigth channel, whatever the source connected to the 282, at the end it was a faulty DAC in the old timer CDX2.
After some weeks of travel, repair in Salisbury and… customs, it finally came back with the “new” mech VAM1202 , and it starts to play…
It is the same as before prior the fault ? Well, I don´t know, I let it play for some weeks before jumping to conclusions.
Btw the full price, even with the extra for the “import” duties or whatever was reasonable, but the distributor told me that I was lucky, from now on with the Brexit it will be almost 500€ for a equipment to get to Salisbury and come back.
Time for a “european” NAIM repair center ?


Definitely not good news.
Local repair authorized dealers maybe ?

Isn’t LASA or Green Sounds in Italy an authorised repair centre?

Edit 2: I’ve send them a message. Lets see.

Yes, this is a very good idea from a customer point of view. A Naim European repair centre piggybacking on a Focal base/factory, situated in France, I presume. France would be an ideal location for that.

It would make a lot of sense as this relationship already exists, so could be mutualy beneficial to Focal/Naim.

Obviously, there would be a cost implication for Naim. But Naim may have to seriously consider this option in the long term and swallow the costs.

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Mwaaahaaaaaahaaaa… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That involves people, training, listening/quality control, spares. a lot of things, hard to replicate locally.

Or move some people that have that knowledge to France, for example. It’s not a mountain to climb and rather depends on how much business Naim do on mainland Europe.

There is also a well established infrastructure that Focal possess with their operations.

I believe that is wrong. You are allowed to send equipment for service and back without customs. However there is paper work to do. I would be very surprised if Naim is not helping their distribution on this.

The German distributor Music Biz (owned by Naim) is an authorised repair center so maybe they will get a bigger chunk of repair and service onwards.

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As @JOF said, it’s not that chaotic to achieve, as long it’s the desire to do so.

If Naim now is part of a larger group, even Focal may have some interest in making some kind of arrangements by swapping resources.

Naim (UK) can put a hand on Focal (France) material and vice versa?




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