My crystal ball following Solstice

In all the excitement with the Solstice reveal, I believe we haven’t paid a lot of attention to some fine details that most likely show the direction for the next generation of analogue products (pre-amps, power supplies) from Naim.

First of all, based on size and features (lack of brass suspended PCB etc.), my feeling is that NVC will replace Stageline as the entry-level phonostage.
Then, looking at the back of the NVC, we can observe that the power supply input also provides a signal output (towards a future “HiCap” or a powered pre-amp input), similar to a Stageline. However the connector is an 8-pin DIN rather than the 5-pin used so far:

Looking inside the NVC, we can observe 3 power rails (yellow, blue, red) vs the 2 (+24V) used in the past:

I wonder what the voltages are now (maybe a +/- rail as well?).
So it becomes clear that the next generation of black boxes will move to additional rails for the analogue power supplies and will not be compatible with the current Classic ones.

We also know that NVS can accept a Type 3 burndy, so that’s at least one additional power supply from the future…

Finally, please note that the Solstice power supply was not named NVP (Naim Vinyl Power), but NPX (Naim Power eXtra). I assume the Extra comes from powering an extra box. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the NPX turns out to be something like a spiritual successor of the FlatCap. I predict that the remaining analogue power supplies will be called NPH (H from Hi as in HiCap) and NPS (S from Super as in SuperCap).

Let’s see if my crystal ball is right when 2022 comes! :grinning:


Also looking at the front… is the design an indication of the design that will accompany all new releases. This would not look out of place next to a uniti product but does not really match the 500 series completely.


Indeed, I take it as a given that the styling of all the new boxes (incl. next-gen 500…) will be updated to match the Uniti/Statement design. That’s why I didn’t mention it at all.

So 2022 is shaping up to be a big year for Naim!


Part of the reason I did not believe the leaked photo was accurate was the powerful resemblance of the PS and phono stage to a Klout. Impossible to miss.

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I would have thought that the ability to provide 2x24v rails would be retained to allow usage with older products (via an appropriate 5-8 SNAIC). I do wonder if one of the 3 wires is a control line back to the NPX for the Auto Standby/ Instant On function on the new products rather than another power rail ?

I’m sure in the fullness of time we’ll find out the 8 pin DIN pin configuration, but I’d like to see an inside shot of the NPX…


I do think the Turntable will likely be a constant - with higher performance delivered through upgrades to the the Power Supply and Phono Stage.

I’d expect a higher grade cartridge at some point too, but that’s a much smaller project.

There may be a higher grade turntable down the line - but that’s another major collaborative engineering project, and it won’t happen any time soon. I could just as easily convince myself that the turntable platform will be just that, with further developments built around it.

Naim can do future PS and the Phono stages without any need for collaboration.


It looks like the burndy connector is a smaller diameter on the power supply, too. I wonder if the smaller form-factor of this box is behind that.

It will be interesting to see if revamped future boxes use this new smaller burndy connector over the existing.


It will all depend on how the solstice sells and goes down, that will probably decided what or if anything else gets the green light.

I suspect that future changes in power consumption regulations will see changes needed to the Classic power supply and power amp ranges along the lines of the NPX (and others in the range) to add in the standby power supply functionality. I expect we’ll see more products following the new form factor, independent of Solstice sales.


I wonder what is the purpose of the heat sinks along the sides, since I can see nothing connected to them?

Probably just standardising the case design to keep costs and stock required sensible. As you say the NVC doesn’t use the Heatsinks, whereas the NPX (and other future power supply and amp products) will use them.


If @sihctr is right, thinking that the NVC/ NPX phono/ ps coming with the Solstice is the successor of the Stageline / Flatcap combo, It would be a bit disappointing to offer an entry level phono with a high end turntable, as a package.
Who would run a Linn Klimax with a stageline level of phono?

Or the white light!


The Solstice phono stage is, in the words of designer Steve Sells “a complete radical redesign” with a “zero feedback transconductance stage”. Steve referenced the Superline as well as the Statement technology when designing the phono stage.

One interesting feature that may also have been overlooked is that the stage and power supply were specifically designed to warm up quickly and operate optimally soon after power-up.

I think it’s just not possible to draw too many parallels between existing kit and the Solstice phono stage and power supply as they’re really bespoke for purpose (particularly the power supply). Certainly it seems to to indicate a performance well ahead of a Stageline. What will be more interesting is how it compares with a Superline.


I can see the next range of Classic/500 or whatever replaces them having a similar feature. Just can’t see in these ‘Green’ times Naim being able to market equipment that needs to be left fully powered up 24/7 for optimal sound.

A bit ironic that Naim will be leaving the Green logos behind as they go Green! :grinning:


Yes correct Richard - how it compares to the Superline

I’m just waiting on delivery of new Superline ( July sometime I believe), in the meantime Harry kindly lent me his. What a product

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Yes, I also look forward to finding out about this.

Even though I think the NVC/NPX is the (future) entry level phono, I do believe that their performance will be much higher compared to Stageline/FlatCap. The Stageline is a pretty old design, so I am certain a lot of advancements have been made (DR supplies etc.). Also as most of FlatCap is just Salisbury air (and without DR), I will not be impressed if the NPX improves upon it significantly and is much closer to HiCap, even though it’s smaller.

The price of NVC should probably reflect this increase in performance (~€1000-€1500?) vs ~€500 for the Stageline. I would expect a similar price range for the NPX.

As @MattCray mentioned, the Turntable/ARO etc. should remain a constant for many years down the road, while the black boxes will get a chance to be upgraded. The Special Edition is just the “introductory” version with some extra goodies at a price which I assume is a bit lower compared to the price of each component bought separately. It doesn’t mean that it will be the “Ultimate Edition”!


Good point regarding the control line for standby… Or maybe the power-supply simply switches mode based on the requested power. We will learn soon I hope…

I am also pretty curious to see the internals of NPX and read the user manuals which should contain some more technical information… @Naim.Marketing any chance to share this kind of information?

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If we compare Naim to the competition and the fact the most brands update products far more frequently, I believe any new products that follows suit will be an improvement but nothing night and day.
Naims classic range now that is 20 years old, still holds its own with any other comparable brand now, if not supersedes many of them sonically.

Re-designs is a big move when much of your core customers utilise a style that match others existing products.