My crystal ball following Solstice

It’s a smart power supply, which can detect the turntable has stopped and go into a 0.5W power sleep mode for standby. A small switched-mode power supply (SMPSU) enables this standby function, which is automatically disengaged when the turntable is in use – when an oversized toroidal transformer takes over power duties.

Other facts:
The Solstice Series Power Supply is a bespoke design that powers both the turntable and the phono stage. For the ultimate performance, these two different power supplies are completely isolated, with no risk of interference.

Raising the game (and lowering unwanted noise) even further, the turntable power supply - like the Solstice Phono Stage – features Naim DR technology, providing the cleanest possible power. (Clean power is a key component of any audio system, but it’s even more vital in a turntable set-up, where the cartridge is incredibly sensitive to interference from electromagnetic radiation.)


And some more here, from Steve Sells


That’s useful Clare. Thanks.

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Urm, interesting. Notwithstanding that my current configuration is my end game :grinning:I’ve long hankered after a 552. Hopefully if there were to be a redesign of the Classic and 500 series will the 2nd hand prices plummet?




I awoke feeling rather chipper. Now not so much!

(Classic/500 system owner)

It might be quite a nice touch if the logo turns green on standby and white when in use.


Don’t let the rampant speculation in this thread spoil your day :slightly_smiling_face:


Still great sounding gear Nigel, that’s not going to change no matter what Naim release from here on.

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Nah, Green is going for good. New Naim won’t feature it. Green has had a good run though.

You’ll be picking up used 500 series kit for £500 when the new range drops. :smiley:


" rampant speculation"!!! :astonished:I have my sources… Naim & Linn. :smiley:

Hi Richard,

For me, this is a key aspect as if Naim/Roy have been able to sprinkle some of their magic dust on a TT design, then surely the packaging should demand (at this price level) the option of employing a better phono-stage (i.e. assumed to be the Superline exc PS, retailing at ~£2.6k UK) and not having to buy the package phono-stage, unless it really is ‘that good’!

I recognise all the reasons to ‘package’ a phono-amp with this SE edition but, surely, if this TT/arm/cartridge combo is as good as it could/should be (with a magnetic bearing and ARO in the mix), it demands the option of being twinned with a a better phono-stage sans having a redundant bit of kit on one’s hands (i.e. the phono-stage provided)?

Of course, here’s hoping the TT can be commissioned in greater numbers and sold part-packaged, which may be attractive to some of us LP12 owners.


HL, I’m not sure I understand your post. Are you asking for the option of an even better phono stage, without having yet heard what its capable of?

From what I hear from those who have heard the Solstice, it’s seriously impressive, so I don’t think you can point out any part of the package that is letting the side down - particularly as nobody, apart from a lucky few, has heard it yet.

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In my experience, the SuperLine is problematic both in absolute performance and user friendliness, not up to the standards of Naim’s digital kit. It is quite possible that this new phono stage will be an improvement–let’s wait and see.

I’m a very happy 500 owner. However, what I’d quite like to see is a replacement new white logo for the classic kit. That way a lot of the potential new stuff and old stuff will blend quite nicely? Even better if your dealer can do the change over instead of having to send it back to the factory?

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Nice idea - but it’s a bit more than the logo. All those backlit green buttons on the 552 for example…

The 500 and Classic will always be green and will command high prices forever. Just like Olive. There may be an initial hit when a new range launches - but that’ll pass.

Good point. I’d forgotten about the buttons but I’m sure Naim could do something? I have jacuzzi lights that can change to any colour palette you want! :grinning:

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That’s an image that’ll stay with me… :joy::joy:

(I have Philips Hue lights all over the house too - but I doubt very much Naim will be up for changing light colours to keep us from buying new)

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My crystal ball, a new HiCap style PSU for the 82/282 owners that can replace the NAPSC and power all 4x 24v rails.

There’s probably 1000s of 82/282 owners who would jump at such a product, priced around 2.5k slightly more than a single HCDR but 2k less then the SCDR.


The Solstice phono stage has two features that are quite different from previous Naim designs. It’s the first phono stage with both MM and MC inputs and a large number of impedance and capacitance loading options. The second and more important change are the outputs. Every other non-digital device with external power supply had the analog output signal on the power supply, now they are in the phono stage itself. Certainly different, maybe an outlier, possibly a sign of things to come.