My Dilemmas

I have got a Naim SuperUniti now. And I would like to step upward.
What I read and What are meet my plans NAC/NAP. I hear lot of CD on CD5x + HiCap 2, some time Stream (Tidal).

What are diferencences (tonal firstly). And what are the significant best then an other choice? In every situtation I need to buy a streamer (NDX, ND5 XS, ND5 XS2) it is an other game.

  1. NAC202 + HiCap DR + NAPSC + NAP200
  2. NAC282 + NAP200DR
  3. NAC202 + HiCap DR + NAPSC + NAP250

I know the best would be the 282 + double Cap + NAP250… It is the future. I need to reach my first milestone now.

Please give me detailed information about sound qualtiy, and try compare togedher.
I read here lot of note with “it is more better”, “endgame”… yes but why, please account for your answer.

I think your choice depends on where your endpoint is. Is this going to be a stepping stone or an endpoint?

All three options will have different strengths. By using the search function here, you will probably find threads where this dilemma is discussed.

IMO, its not possible to answer your question. Your requests are too detailed and too specific. Its also unlikely that many will have done meaningful comparisons of the options you have listed.

Sorry. Being realistic.

But… as @paulbysea says, you could look at it from a ‘strategic’ view point. Where do you want to end up…?

Personally… having owned a 102 and an 82, I much preferred the 82. So… I would recommend your option 2 - 282/200. Or… option 4 - 282/HC/250… :slightly_smiling_face:

(a 282 comes with a NAPSC - or it should)


Thanks Guys!

The endpoint (and the next step) is depend on the future. Especially the momentarily financial situation. I won’t close my ears to the change any of them in the future.

But I would like to produce the best from my budget. What is going to be the best choice if it would be the final step.

@paulbysea I’ve read tons of ‘pages’ in this topic. I think it is special discuss, and the threads are closing after 2 months. Unfortunately i couldn’t ask there.
And usually the entries of a comparison are not efficient, not included concrete details. “Highly recommended”, “It is best in everything”, “the difference is significant” and so.

I think it depends what would be more useful in your use case. Are your speakers difficult to drive or particularly power hungry (also consider if you might change them) in which case prioritise getting the best power amp you can. If your speakers are fine with less power I’d probably go option 2, you can always consider adding a hicap down the line. Of course it depends on your musical preferences and I haven’t listened to those exact options.

If it were me, I’d start with a 282/200. Then plan add a single hicap when funds allow and next a 250 DR. You can choose at that point if you want to replace the Hicap with a Supercap DR or go dual Hicap. Main thing is try to demo if you can as opinions are split regarding hicap vs dual hicap vs Supercap.


What speakers do you have?

If it were me I’d get a Nova, which is much better than the SuperUniti, or a NSC222 and NAP250. If the NSC222 is too expensive and you are happy with the streaming capabilities of your SU, a 272 and 250DR would be a great compromise.

If you rip your CDs, you don’t need a CD player at all, which will save a bit of money and will reduce the number of boxes.


Audio Solutions - Figaro BL…

Dimensions (HxWxD) : 272mm x 396mm x 469mm;
Weight : 16 kg each
Sensitivity : 90,5 2,83V/1m
Nominal power handling : 80 W rms
Maximum unclipped power handling : 160 W;
Impedance : nominal 4,0 ohms;
Crossover frequency : 4000 Hz
Frequency response (in-room environment) : 40-25000 Hz
Drivers : 2,5cm silk dome tweeter, 183mm ER paper cone mid-bass driver

I’ve just looked these up. They look very nice indeed. The review did say that they are quite light in the bass, which probably suits the SU, as it’s a bit bass heavy. The 200 is much leaner in sound, which may or may not suit.

It’s very important that your source is good enough, especially if you upgrade your amplifier. I wouldn’t match a CD5x with a 282 for example. That’s why it’s important to decide whether you really want to play CDs. If you do, and you were to get a 282/200, then you really need a better CD player.

Another option I’d consider is an NDX2 and Supernait 3. It will be hugely better than a SuperUniti and you can find them used at very good prices. It would give you the new streaming platform and a great amplifier, all in a nice simple package.


Thank you, this is much more exact.

And what about 250 (maybe DR).

What is your recommendation for CD player?

The 250DR is excellent, but you’d need a 282 and Hicap. I’m not up to speed on CD players; I’d probably be looking at a NDX2 and a CD transport if you really need one. But with a 282/250 you’d also need a better turntable. It all adds up, which is why I had the idea of a NDX2 and Supernait 3.


I can share my personal experience as I’ve tested some of the gear you mentioned. I can’t comment on the NAC282 and NAP250, unluckily I’ve never been lucky enough to hear them.

The CD5si was the source and the Totem Forests were the speakers.

First I tested the SN3, then moved to the NAC202 / NAP 200 DR / NAPSC, then added the HiCap DR.
The SN3 is a great all rounder, it’s surely better than my Exposure 3010S2D, however I expected a much greater difference. For a touch more money the NAC202 / NAP 200 DR / NAPSC is a better choice, but I would say they don’t really set themselves apart from the the SN3 (I suspect that’s why many people here didn’t give much love to this combo). However it’s a nice starting point for further improvements with a lot of flexibility.
Adding the HiCap DR opened the soundstage and gave more clarity and definition, that was totally worth it. I would say the HiCap DR is a must IMHO.

I would like to point out that in my test the source was the weak point of the chain. It would have been much better if I could use an ND5 XS2 or NDX2.

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I fully agree with you HH

I have the NDX2 and SN3/HiCapDR and it’s a brilliant combination ( HC don’t need that immediately )

Re CD’s I have the CD5XS as transport into the NDX2 dac

It’s brilliant. In fact my long suffering dealer and I initially tried the CD5XS with the nDAC but amazingly we both preferred into the NDX2 dac

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Idea; NAC282 + NAP200DR

And why… could you share with me your reason your answer? Thx

It depends where you want to end up. If you think it likely be your end game NDX/SN is a great solution, but if you think you might like to progress through the pre/power options 282/200 is a great place to start. HCs etc can come later.

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I would go first for 282/200. Then upgrade the source for an Nd5xs2 and Ndac.

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Why don’t you begin with a Powerline on your SuperUniti? It will change the amp for the better at a very reasonable expense (compared to the other options). When you move to a better amp the PL will come in handy. Especially on a source.

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Somebody could foretell, what is the age a NAP (200 or 250) when need to ‘recap’?

Powerline, do you mean the Power Cable?