My dog prefers the Blues

Kat, my dog, prefers the blues. Can’t even play Zepplin 2 around her. Any other dog that loves a certain type of music?


We had a cat that loved listening to Billy Cobham. He’d sit in front of the speakers, moving his head left to right as the various percussion sounds moved from speaker to speaker. He was a very, very intelligent cat.

Another cat liked to relax to Luther Vandross, but he didn’t like jazz.


I’d have had her down as a Groundhogs sort of girl. Remember ‘Split’ from Tony T.S.McPhee’s power trio?

A wonderful, vital Groundhogs album, Split.
Took my breath away when I first heard it. Still does.

My cats detested Gang of Four and would stomp out of the room if I played it. I mentioned this to a friend and his cat did the same. As for music the preferred, I think in the cooler months, anything if the amp and hi cap were warm spots to snooze on.

I was in the kitchen; Seamus, that’s the dog, was outside.

Well, I was in the kitchen; Seamus, my old hound, was outside.

Well, the sun sinks slowly, but my old hound just sat right down and cried.


I tried to buy a new LP of ‘Split’ - no can do, it seems.

Which is sad.

I have to suppose that sort of guitar driven rock doesn’t appeal to today’s yoof.

I haven’t listened to ‘Meddle’ in years. Will rectify that as soon as I can, so thank you for the prompt, Ebor.

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Ours quite likes Hildegard of Bingen, hates Schnittke, is suspicious of the Cocteau Twins and is indifferent to pretty much anything else

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