My equipment and warranty

I have a number of Naim items which I purchased over the last 2 years. Can I find out if they are all under warranty still along with serial numbers. To save me pulling the system apart

S. Nos.

Is it that you don’t know the serials numbers? There will be labels on the boxes with the numbers printed. Or take photos of the back panels to snap the numbers with a mobile phone. The link above from Ian you can use to ascertain a rough month.
In the UK; 5 years, elsewhere 2 years.
More info here How long is the warranty on my Naim equipment? - #2

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I need to check, but I am sure I got 5 years on my Muso2 from a German Naim dealer?

Warranty terms and conditions can vary from one country to the next. Best check with your distributor if you’re unsure.

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The extra 3 years warranty given by Naim only applies if you register the new equipment with Naim in the first 6 months after purchase date.


Actually in Portugal is now 3 years.

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