My first Experience with Naim - SN2

Just recently upgraded my system from focal 906 speakers and Cambridge Audio integrated amp, cxa60, to Focal Kanta No 1 and Naim Supernait 2. (Kept the Cambridge 851N streamer)

Hooked everything up and turned on the SN2 and it went bonkers. Kept going between inputs and the then a loud hum took place and a pit of a pop sound. Yep, blew the Kanta’s!

So obviously took the Nait back to my dealer (Stereoland in Minnesota). They turned it on and saw it was acting weird. First thing they said was don’t worry we’ll get it sorted (they are a new naim dealer)… which immediately made me feel better. They contacted Naim and the next day naim came back and basically said that was weird, we’re sorry, we’ll replace the SN2 and the
kantas. Everything arrived new the next week and all was good. So gotta say I’m impressed with both my dealer and Naim on how this was handled. Never was a question of whether I would get any pushback. Probably helped that naim and focal are part of the same company that they could do this too.

Anyways I’m loving how much difference the SN2 has made to my music… the bass is so much tighter and the music feels more “alive”.

So now I’m thinking of upgrading the streamer… was originally thinking the Linn Selekt or the Lumin T2 (would like to have the full MQA unfold). But after reading a Linn Forum post where one guy experienced a constant hum from his new Selekt and Linn basically refused to see him right… it brings home the importance of dealing with a company and dealer that is willing to stand by their customers. So now I’m trying to decide between the nd5 xs2 or ndx2 to cure my upgraditus.

Anyway just thought I’d share a positive story about my Naim experience. Cheers.


Welcome to the mad house. Glad you got that sorted out.

I’ve just grabbed a SN2 and NDX2, 2 weeks ago. The combination is superb, the level of detail retrieval is just crazy.

Well, if the pockets are deep enough, it’s an NDX2… :wink: And yes, it’s a mad house. And if you stay around, the hobby is getting even more expensive… :wink:


Glad it all ended well, it’s great to hear positive customer service stories like that.
I too am happy with my SN2, it’s a great understated (by that I mean no ’bling’, ie. flashin* lights, meters etc) integrated amp.
Welcome to the forum!

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Whilst it matters that things go wrong, what really matters is that they are resolved quickly


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