My first Naim piece... and some questions

Basically you cannot polish a turd. The Naim and the Maggies will show exactly what they are being fed. I tried a Chromecast once and it was unlistenable, as was Spotify. A good system needs to be fed with good sources, otherwise it will never sound good. Something like a Bluesound Node would be a minimum starting point I suspect.

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I can agree to a point… first of all the CCA by itself is pretty underwhelming. BUT feeding a good dac it can be quite exceptional!! Beats the heck out of a Bluesound!! At least for me. Been there done that.

Realize again, I’m not looking for hi rez… don’t care… I grew up on analog and FM… later came 16bit and that is fine with me. I’ve played with hi rez and its not for me.

Please read… I’m looking for some smooth and forgiving current driving amplification for my Maggie’s… I could go back to tubes and be very happy but I don’t want to at my stage in life. Everything I’ve read pointed me to a Naim.

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Unfortunately we don’t read with our ears … also … all Naims sound different, and even then each one sounds different in different contexts. You need to hear a combination you like … then buy it. Good luck.

Ya… stuck in the middle of nowhere I’ve mail order probably 75% of my gear the last 20 years.

It’s no biggie if this doesn’t work out… I thought I would come and hear you people out… the experts so to say!!

Funny thing is my wife likes it LOL!! Chalk it up to my sensitive ears…

It could be that the Nait just isn’t man enough for your preferred speakers?

Any chance of getting a demo with an xs3?

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Correct. It’s a surprisingly good device. I have two, but can’t find them! Very annoying. Given your post I wanted to compare them again but no luck.

I’d like to suggest to add the power supply with an utp port to it so that the network connection improves.

OK… a little bit of a revelation in the last hour… the one thing I never did try… don’t ask me how I missed it… but I never swapped out the Flashback cable. Voila!! Bingo!!

Now the sound is much darker than before but the brashness is gone!! And I have wiggle room. I’m going to put the NACA5’s back in… give that a go. If not then I can back off the resistor and tube swap.

This is really good people :grinning: :+1:


A little update this morning… that interconnect made all the difference… been listening for a couple hours now and its very very nice!! Quite happy with my Naim at the moment :slight_smile:


Really happy you’re enjoying it, I’m probably somewhat biased but I do prefer the Naim sound.

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