My HiCap DR has a problem - Suggestions Welcome

I have an Olive 82/Olive 250 and HiCap DR (6-7 years old). I’m in the States. Yesterday we had a bit of a storm. Power flickered a couple of times. Today my HiCap is making an intermittent noise about every two minutes and lasting for about 6 seconds. Kind of like a low volume spot welding noise. Anyone ever experience anything like this? I’ve powered down twice now with no change. Any suggestions?

There should be a Naim service agent in the States. Have you contacted them?

Is the IEC plug all the way in?

Plug is all the way in. With a bit more observation and my ear close to the HiCap it seems like a buzz or hum that goes from very quiet to quite audible from across the room. It’s the jump from the lowest to the loudest that makes it seem intermittent.

Do you think it needs a service? Everything Naim is about twice as expensive in the US compared to the UK. Service here usually means shipping boxes too. Of course if needs it, it needs it. Thanks for your help!

Is it a hum coming from the transformer? If so, it could just be that something has changed on the mains or that something else in the house has been affected and is now polluting the mains. It could indicate that your Hicap is fine but something else somewhere either in your house or near neighbourhood isn’t.

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You could always disconnect from your system and plug it in in another part of your home by its self and see if it’s a Hi cap issue or perhaps a bad cable or as Richard mentioned something on your ac line effecting it.

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Richard, you nailed it. There was a fan on in another part of the house that is almost never used. With it off the hum is only audible with my ear right next to the HiCap. Thanks!


Brilliant. Glad to know the cause has been found.

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