My Little Naim & Linn System

I am new to the forum and this is my first post.

I have had this system for a long time, I never get fed up playing it and it keeps surprising me how good it sounds. I know Naim make very high end kit, but until I stop liking the sound of my system, I guess I am saving money.

Enjoy what you have and not what you want.

This forum is awesome.


Linn Saras are great and I can quite understand why you enjoy your system so much. The only thing I’d say is that an Olive 250 or 135s would really work wonders. The 180 doesn’t really have the welly required to grab the speakers by the scruff of the neck and make them sing.


Very nice - A classic combination :sunglasses:

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Welcome to the forum Bern12.

I have no doubt your system makes very nice music, enjoy!



What a lovely system, in a lovely room. Keep enjoying the music on it.

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Great setup Bern! Enjoy your music! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The first time I heard Saras (I had Kans at the time) I was so impressed I made the mistake of asking to hear the Sound Orgs demo DMS Isobariks to see how much more they could do. I ended up buying them.Yours is a lovely system with some classic components. I really wanted a 72 but never got round to it. I do agree with HH though, an olive 250 would be on my shopping list to go with that.


Liking that Bern. :+1:t5:

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Lovely stereo @Bern12 !
A beauty.

Looks like you had to move the Sara’s around a fair bit to establish where they sounded best!
:wink: :smiley:


The only place they haven’t been is on the ceiling :wink::rofl:, I put them away from the wall at first, then had a friend who had some Sara’s and suggested to put them close to a solid wall and move them away inch by inch to tune them. It worked well, it turned out to be great advice.


They look good - I always liked Sara’s, but never got round to upgrading my Kans when Sara’s were in production.

(I was joking about the carpet pattern, btw :smiley: )


There’s always another rung on the upgrade ladder, well done for resisting the urge and just focusing on enjoying your music!


You’re bang on Bern. There’s too many people who are too fast in their opinions about how your system would sound better with this or that. What a lot don’t understand is that the enjoyment you get listening to music will be every bit as much (and probably more) as those with their uber expensive rigs. It’s all about the music. Take care.


Hallo Bern,
I congratulate you on a great Naim chain, I also have Linn Sara on my list.

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My italics.

The same, yes.
“Probably more”, why?
I’m happy for the people with ‘expensive rigs’ but I’m not jealous. I’d hope our enjoyment of music is the same


Because IMHO they’re probably focusing on the music and not ‘what can I now buy ’. IMHO lot of perceived improvements are very much that, ‘perceived’. That is why the industry hates the thought of ‘blind listening’. I certainly am happy with peoples expensive rigs and can’t recall stating anything about jealousy? People have what they have and it’s about enjoying the music.


Sorry, wasn’t saying you had said ‘jealousy’… I just thought it could have been implied. My mistake.

No problem Stevie, certainly no malice meant on my behalf also. I think it’s great that we all appreciate everyones system.


Great looking system and art work. Never heard Sara’s but would like to own a pair. I have Kans and Isobariks so just need a Sara/Naim system to complete the set.

Question, have you had the filter removed from your Lingo to stop interference with Naim amps?

To all, does this mod make much difference?

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