My Mate Down The Pub

Posting on a Forum like this, is (IMO…) the modern day equivalent of asking my mate down the pub…

Quite a few of the ‘techy’ posts on here seem to fall into this category. The OP has decided to post on here, as its easier/quicker/ better (in their view) - to the alternatives.

Such as… (the order may vary)

  • Contact the Naim Dealer or whoever they bought the troublesome item from
  • Read the Manual and/or check the Naim website
  • Search the Internet

I am sure its not just Naim, or HiFi generally… :thinking:

Still, it does result in some ‘interesting’ posts, if only showing how wrong it is actually possible to get things… :open_mouth:

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Blimey, if I discussed pretty much any of the stuff on this forum with anyone I know at my pub, I’d be met with either blank looks or believed to be a bit nuts. Likely both.


There are some great people on this forum who really know their onions.

I love the posts that start off with “I think…”

As my boss used to say I really don’t care what you think…

‘Search the Internet’ - why don’t people do this rather than post “I think…”


Ill try this type of conversation at the Boltolphs Bridge on Friday !


Perfect location - a walk down there now The County Members has closed.

@Richard.Dane - You seem to have edited my first post- but I cannot see what you have changed…?
(I get 2 windows which seem identical -?)

If you in anyway unhappy with this Thread, please - Remove It.

No edit to your post, just moved it to a more appropriate room - not a thread about kit but more about the forum itself. For some reason the platform shows room moves as an edit.

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I did wonder if the Lounge was a better place for this…!!!

Thank you for clarifying… :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, indeed so (IMO…). And that’s why this ‘method’ works for the OP’s. Others will quickly respond, applying their knowledge and ‘fixing’ the OP’s problem - or at least giving them an opinion.

Does the OP learn anything in this process…? Would they have learned more, by first asking the Naim dealer and reading the Manual…? I would think so…

But… YMMV… :crazy_face:

Yup. Why don’t they…? I honestly think its because some people do not know how to search the Internet… Or at least not how to search with any real intent… If its not there at the top of the first Google page… :expressionless:

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Funnily enough a few years back with a few work colleagues in a London wine bar one of them said he’d just bought a new Hi-Fi, Dynaudio speakers and a NAD CD and amp, I obviously engaged in conversation but the rest started with I’ve got Sony (can’t be beaten) and have you heard Sonos?! The conversation broadened and when asked I stated my system (I’m always reluctant to do this) and eyes glazed over. Someone then asked the cost and I batted it away (2nd hand etc) but the next day the other guy brought in the Audio T catalogue and another chap had a look and said what Hi-Fi is yours Lindsay so I had to say Naim and he asked which model, 15 minutes later he was down the corridor with someone else with said book saying “look at the price of this, it’s what Lindsay’s got, how can he justify that, bet it’s no better than my……”.

From then on I only engage on the subject with proven other :nerd_face: like you guys on here.


Haha, yes. To be fair BB was always a better choice than CM. Problem is the walk means a potential diversion to Unit 1.

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In nearly all my roles when I was working and before the internet I used to get calls from dealers or charities asking me questions where the answers were readily available in the manuals or systems they had.

I regarded answering their questions/queries as good customer services, but occassionally when I asked why they were calling they would say it was easier and quicker for them to ring me.

So I’m not sure it’s a forum thing, more of a thing in life generally.


I think people generally just want to have a chat or bounce ideas around, or see how a conversation develops. How many times have you started a conversation when you already know your answer just to test your ideas or see what others think, or even because you know it might be slightly controversial, you know, lights blue touch paper - walk away.


Oops I started that with “I think”

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My mate down the pub scenario has always heavily relied upon the time of day and the day of the week.
A quick chat at 2.25pm on a wet Wednesday is going to be somewhat different to a quick chat at 9.15pm on a Friday.


Should we have a thread here that encourages people to go to pubs and waste disposable income that could be better directed towards a system upgrade or more music?


Yup. Not disagreeing here… :expressionless:

I still think that people would learn more, by doing more themselves. Maybe not so much by contacting their Dealer (*) - but for a ‘new’ item, that should be Move #1.

IMO… YMMV… :crazy_face:

( * - depends if the Dealer wants their Customers to actually understand… or not)

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A guy here asked me to tell him how to factory reset his Core, “it would be quicker than looking it up in Google”.

Well as I had offered, I did write it all out in a post which took me a lot longer than it would have taken him to Google it. But I won’t make that mistake again in a hurry.


The great Stan Bowles was said to have blown a £1m on gambling, booze and women and we’re talking 70/80s here. When asked about it he said “well at least I didn’t waste it” which so many thought funny. 90 minutes of that guy at QPR on a Saturday afternoon could you make you feel good for a week such was his sublime skill. He’s now living back in Manchester life ruined by Alzheimer’s, his daughter caring for him 24/7. If only he could have been kept away from the pub and bookies.