My Mate Down The Pub

But that wouldn’t have stopped Alzeimers. And at least he enjoyed hid life and money, if his comment is anything to go by…

I note you didn’t suggest he should have kept away from women…


I remain staggered by how many people quite literally have no clue how to search. Then again the likes of Google no longer give reliable answers so YMMV.

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I refer you to my earlier post in best jokes …

However, my local is blessed with a chap who has an electrostatic Quad system, and a guy from ATC. HiFi conversations can be lively.

I’ve reliably been informed that Richard is working in an AI bot which is going to provide answers.

The AI bot is trained using @Adam.Meredith data since Richard and us are way too polite.


Argh talking to various doctors as my Dad suffered with dementia they said that there is now alcohol induced Alzheimer’s and it strikes younger. I reserve passing judgment on peoples personal life but no man should “kept away from women” unless in very specific circumstances i.e safety, but like George Best his behaviour led to his family becoming somewhat dysfunctional.



Definitely worth going to a pub with someone who works for ATC drinking there.

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There are so many online fora now hosted by companies large and small with sections which are simply user to user help and advice functions (and this one partly does that) that it’s almost second nature for people to ask a mostly friendly bunch for an answer.

Questions are often nuanced such that simple internet searches either turn up too many incorrect answers or if you’re too specific you get nothing of value at all.

Even if answers can be found by searching Google etc this forum provides valued shared experience, and answers may go beyond simple search results.

I don’t like for example the online interactive manuals for the Uniti series and would prefer a PDF with more conventional details - this is a shame as the interactive manuals must have taken ages to develop but I find them rather cumbersome and ‘click heavy’.


I was unaware of a link between alcohol and Alzheimer’s (unlike dementia) – thanks. As for women, if that means, erm, loose morals, then that’s of course just that, a matter of morals. As for gambling, clearly not linked to Alzheimer’s but I personally have seen too many people destroy their families and themselves to gambling to condone anyone doing anything and most the most casual flutter.

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Going to the pub is one of life’s pleasures. Every pound I have spent there can be classed as enjoyment, not waste. Alcoholism is a different matter.

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You are lucky to have a pub to go to. Where I was born the boast was a pub (or boozer) in every street. Not any more. Now it’s all stinky carpet and woody trim. Not even a separate public bar.
And there’s no mates. They are all watching love island with their missus.


Billy Bleach the self proclaimed pub expert on everything (nothing), still very funny.

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I was going to mention that, it doesn’t look good for the future of pubs, especially in the countryside.

Really.? Does anybody actually watch such trash? If yes, tgere is little hope for the human species.

As for pubs, I was in a great one this evening (though admittedly a rarity): A good choice of real ale to my taste, very efficient and caring bar staff, and live impromptu music with somewhere between 6 and 16 musicians playing celtic music on violins, viola, flutes, penny whistles, mandolins, guitar, accordion, double bass and piano. I could happily have stayed all night!

No use discussing any of this stuff on my Friday afternoon drinks at our local, the blokes I drink with are all deaf anyway.

Nobody heres anyone. :grin:

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The hive mind on this forum has been extremely helpful over the years, long may it continue!

Also some exciting threads such as new vinyl on pre order; jazz; London jazz scene; etc etc.


Off course, this is why they broadcast it to rake the money in on advertising.

We all like different things. Many people would likely think the amount we spend is stupidity. Let them enjoy their Love Island whilst we enjoy our music through Naim systems and agree to disagree. Live and Let Live.


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