"My Mix" is blank in mconnectPlayer

Would like to check if other members using mconnect player 3.3.31 (on ipad/iphone) have “lost” their “my mix” in Tidal. They were readily available previously but no longer now. Not sure when it happened. The format that is now on the home page of mconnect (Tidal) is the same as Naim app - Playlist, Album and Tracks.

Very disappointed. Any alternative apps to mconnect player?

My Mix are available in the Tidal app on my mac.


Yes on MConnectHD Tidal My Mix does not appear.
The category ‘My Mix’ on the left when you press the 3 horizontal bars in Tidal is empty.

Jim, previously it was readily available in mconnect. Somehow, its no longer available. I just noticed it today. It was listening to My Mixes a few days ago using mconnectplayer.

I have only used that ‘My Mix’ a couple of times.
So I didn’t notice when it disappeared.

Can you press ‘Track Radio’ in Tidal on MConnect instead??
Is that a thing in MConnect?

Or use the Naim app - does that have Track Radio or similar?

Otherwise there are various other apps - obviously Roon, but also free and cheap ones on the app store.

Track radio unavailable. Will search the app store for alternatives to mconnect. Thanks.

I once tried Lumin and Linn Zazoo, but couldn’t get either of them working in my system.

I also once tried Bubble upnp and also failed to get that working, but I think it was my fault for not working at it hard enough with the right hardware. I know many people get great results with bubble.

And I have twice tried Audirvana, but with my cheap old Asus laptop any uplift in SQ it gives is not as great as the EM noise added by the laptop. But again, others such as Easeback get great results with Audirvana and a Mac Mini.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Below is the reply that i received earlier this morning from the developer:

Thank you for contacting us.

Now the Mix function needs Tidal’s new API, and mconnect app will be updated with Tidal’s new API in a few days.

Best regards,

Conversdigital support.

So, will just sit back and relax…hahaha.


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I once asked them whether their app transcodes from Flac to Wav.

They said that it just transfers the unprocessed Flac file from Tidal to the 272 via upnp.

Perhaps a daft Q, but have you ever compared MConnect to the Naim app for sound quality?

Is there a difference in your system?

To me there is a subtle improvement in SQ when using MConnect vs the Naim app.

(Presumably this is a side effect of the upnp transfer process.)

But the Naim app is easier to use and more stable with much better information about musicians and LPs.

I just did a quick comparison. The difference is subtle and I am leaning towards the Naim app. To my ears and in my system, the soundstage is just a tad wider and bass is slightly heavier. I listened to pop and hence, likes the heavier bass. Agreed that the Naim app is easier to use with better info on what is being played. Having said that, both are as good.

I’m using mconnect for ease of operation for my different systems, namely:

  1. Naim NDX2 - Burr Brown
  2. Oppo UDP-205 - ESS
  3. SoTM sms200 Ultra Neo + Topping D90 MQA - AKM

I prefer Naim hands down. I am using Hiline DIN for the NDX2 while Mogami 2803 and Mogami 2497 for the Oppo and SoTM respectively.

Maybe, I should put in a R2R dac in the mix as well… :joy:

I’m a bit confused.

You say that:

  1. ‘The difference is subtle and I am leaning towards the Naim app.’
  2. ‘both are as good.’
  3. ‘I prefer Naim hands down.’

Which is it? :grinning:

Naim :sweat_smile:

Ah - that’s interesting.

It should be Naim in theory because anything that sends the audio files off to an iPad and back via Wifi should sound worse, other things being equal.

But then (gen 1) Naim streamers do like to receive files via upnp, AFAIK.

Anyway, the difference I think I can hear is easily small enough to be imaginary!

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MConnectHD made me sign into Tidal again last night.

Once I’d looked up my dratted password it let me back in.

The ‘My Mix’ function was on the homepage again.

Updated the mconnect app and am enjoying me music again. Thanks for keeping me informed.

Really love the simplicity and ease of use of the app.

@JimDog, as I like to spend others money, I wonder if an Ipad Pro 2 would still uplift the sound quality?
Because you wrote once that the new Ipad uplifted Mconnect sound for Qobuz vs your old Ipad.

Yes, it might do.
But then so might a wired Mac Mini to run Audirvana.

The thing is not to spend so much on computers for audio that you could have just got a computer that is wholly designed for audio by an audio specialist manufacturer i.e. a streamer and/or dac.

I needed to get the new iPad because the old one broke.

And I need it for many purposes - as an audio control device - I don’t have a smartphone.

Plus as way of listening to music on the move, as a camera, to placate my kids in the car, etc.

As it happens, I’ve just been experimenting with various connections from the iPad as streamer and source into the 272.

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