My Mu-so world

With new Mu-so Qb I have 3

I’m happy :grin:


Congrats! Nice trio and decent sound all over the house. Must be gorgeous …

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You might like to think about renaming them, it’s then so much easier. Living room, kitchen, bedroom. Cabbage, swede, spinach. Whatever.


Great set up!

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I’m loving my new Mu-So Qb. It’s a small marvel.

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Quite possibly not the last word in high fidelity, but we love our two QBs Mk 1 too. What else does one need in the kitchen, for instance, when cooking? If we go down the route of side-return extension, I might be tempted to upgradeto a “full-sized” Mu-so. Our 7-year-old has already an eye on one of the QBs – bless him…

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Something I did recently because well as the main system we have Muso 2’s for Living Room and Summerhouse plus an original QB for bedroom…certainly helped family work out which was which

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I love my 3 Mu-so Qb 2nd generation. The sound is so good. They put a smile on my lips every time I turn them on.


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