My music taste

Hi it’s me again. Just let you all know My music taste has some what changed. From R n B to Blues.
I don’t mean the old honky tonk type but I’ve been listening to a band called

Southern avenue
Sounds good on my SN3
But what sounds amazing is
Danielle Nicole
In particular Hot spell.
Has anyone else had a listen.
What are your thoughts. :pray:


What’s bothering you about that epithet? It’s a venerable and not (yet, to my knowledge) considered problematic (to use the euphemism de nos jours):

You’ve just covered why in the Wiki article you invited me to read.

Goodness, that’s fascinating. I had only really come across the phrase in the Rolling Stones song, and assumed from the lyric that it was a polite name for what were once termed ‘women of easy virtue’.

Every day is indeed a school day.


In that case, I still completely fail to understand your reaction. Not to worry.


There is no such thing as Honky Tonk blues, the blues artists probably wouldn’t be allowed in let alone play there.


Ah. Obviously no-one told Meade Lux Lewis:
HONKY TONK TRAIN BLUES - Meade Lux Lewis - YouTube

Or Bill Doggett:
Bill Doggett - Honky Tonk (Part 1 & 2) - YouTube

But these are not references to Honky Tonks - as in rough country music establishments in the Deep South. Neither are they blues artists like Robert Johnson. Taj Mahal, John Lee Hooker etc

They also have Road House’s
Dream Bowls

This is the reference I found.

“Hello Honky Tonks”


You are awful but I like you!


To be fair, there’s a good few years between RJ, JLH, and then TM. Racial attitudes and constructs evolved considerably between the early 1930s and late 60s - and even more since…

Slavery in the US may have ended but segregation was still going on particularly in areas where the Confederate flag was on display well past the sixties. Many “Honky-tonks” would have had a Confederate flag on display.

The artists I referred to are bonafide Blues guys rather than a Country singer singing “broken shoelace blues”.

This is going off topic though.

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