My Nac202 cuts out and goes into mute sometimes when I touch the volume control

Afternoon, I’m new to Naim and I have a strange thing happening with my Naim Nac202. (Just bought 2nd hand) Sometimes there’s a small static shock and the pre-amp cuts out and goes into mute when I touch the volume control. Thoughts, help and advice welcome. Cheers Jason.

This happens when you get a static shock touching the NAC202?

Does it happen if you ground yourself first?

Naim is earthed through the mains so any high static charge from say a dry atmosphere snd static inducing carpet will result in your body charge being discharged through the Naim system. Could it be this?

It could be enough to briefly scramble the logic control although I’ve not across it causing sound to cut.

What is powering your 202…?

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Yes, what else is in the system?

Thanks for responding
The 202 is part powered by a NAPSC and a NAP 200. Going into the 202 is a Denefrips Aries II DAC and my rega turntable via a Trichord Dino phone stage powered by a Dino+ Never Connected PSU. The Naims were new to me from Friday. (2nd hand). There’s hum from the NAP and hiss from the speakers. So I’m currently ‘ok this needs looking at’. The Mute engaging doesn’t always happen; just when the static build up does its thing. When it does happen the mute button illuminates


Does the mains cable have a plug on it you can open? If so I would just check that the earth wire is connected OK. If it is and if you can check continuity with the earth connection to the other end to see it is all OK.

Otherwise, it may be your NAC202 doesn’t like you. :grinning:

Are either of the DAC or the Never connected PSU earthed via the mains?

Does it happen if you have no source connected to the Naim set?

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Hi R.
I’ve checked the plugs to the NAC and the NAP and they are earthed correctly. The Never Connected PSU and the DAC is also earthed. It didn’t happen on Sunday, maybe a very un-static day. (its all unplugged at the moment but I’ll be plugging it back in tonight after checking all plugs are earthed) I’ll also attempt to recreate with no sources attached. I’ve not had a chance to try out all the computations. My main concerns are of coarse the static shock but mainly the amp going into mute mode. Is this a safety feature or a fault? I just don’t want to damage anything.

I think it’s just the logic board that’s getting scrambled by the static discharge. I’ll see what @NeilS thinks here.

The same has happened to me with my 202 on a few occasions due to static. Nothing to worry about I think.

By the way, hum from the NAP (not through the speakers) and a slight hiss from the speakers is perfectly normal with Naim.

Hi Jason,

I assume that you understand that the static zap is passing from you to the casework & not the other way around?
Ideally, this shouldn’t effect the 202 - we zap them with thousands of volts when they’re in development in an effort to test rejection of undesirable behaviour like this.
Is your 202 an early example?
I’ll check if there were any modifications to address this (I know there was on the 552).


Edit:- I’ve just had a look & can’t see anything listed regarding modifications.
Are the static shocks quite severe?

Thanks for your reply Neil and to everyone else who has offered advice.
Yes you’re right in that I understand its me zapping the 202 and not an issue with the 202 but an electrically charged enviromental situation. I was more concerned with the preamp going into cutout mode by entering mute mode. I couldn’t find any info on this possible safety measure. This ‘issue’, if indeed it is one, happened on the first couple of days of ownership. The first time it cut out it happened to my wife who said there was no static spark. With me I felt the spark and it did feel unusually strong as in more than taking off a static jumper. Is the small shock coupled with sound cutting out that makes it feel more severe than it actually might be. It is one of the older ones in the 26,000 region but it had a service last September. The person I bought it from has arranged for it to go back to be looked at. They were very much on the case as soon as I asked them the question of it cutting out.

rgds and appreciation

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